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[Backlog] JDL | AMB Hark, CDR Stacker | "A Necessary and Solemn Moment"

Posted on Thu Feb 4th, 2021 @ 2:17am by Commander James Stacker & Ambassador Alexander Hark

Mission: A Distant Thunder
Location: Diplomatic Section | Cold Station Theta
Timeline: SD 242012.27 (Before "Duty to Report")

How to explain to a man that his daughter was dead?

Humanity - indeed, the entire galaxy in general - had wrestled with this question for millions of years and had never found a satisfactory answer. In fact if one made a perusal of the circumstances surrounding death notifications throughout the galaxy's many worlds they probably would have come up with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of answers. Some preferred the blunt truth. Others preferred it broken slowly. Some went into shock and denial.

"Will it be the latter?" the XO of Starbase 1170 - colloquially known as Cold Station Theta - murmured aloud as the turbolift slowed and changed direction. His eyes opened a tad wider a moment later, sweeping left-to-right across the otherwise-empty car. Seeing it was empty, his chest rose and fell in a sigh of what could only be called relief. Then he resumed his silent vigil.

When the turbolift arrived at its destination, he did his best to ignore the iron cannonball that materialized in his stomach.

The news had already reached the ears of the Klingon Empire through their various contacts and the former friends and allies amongst the current ranks of the Admiralty. Xander had taken the first ship available, helmed by one of his blood brothers most trusted generals and made haste for Cold Station Theta to officially receive the news. The decks of the IKS Ya'Vang had rung with celebrations of his daughters life, as befitting a favoured daughter of the House of Ch'Krang.

For now, the aging Human sat alone, silence surrounding him in the diplomatic suite that he had set up some time ago with the help of Blyx, contemplating the nature of the news that had arrived, there was to be an official notification from the XO, it was expected of a former Admiral and especially as a former Commander in Chief.

"Admiral Hark?" a somewhat-distant voice asked. It was gravelly. Steadfast. Firm. There came an indistinguishable response of another voice. A pause. Then something else that ended on a note suggesting a question had been asked. Another pause followed this. "No comment. And unless countermanded I want the press kept clear of this section. Please see to it." After another few heartbeats, footsteps suggested the other person was leaving.

The floor paneling creaked before someone came into sight. "Admiral Hark?" It was the same as the original speaker. A brown-haired man, hair shot through with grey marks, with a beard wearing a grey-collared uniform. Lieutenant Commander's pips, dulled with age and wear, were attached to the collar. "Lieutenant Commander James Stacker. XO of Starbase 1170." The look on his face was as solid as his voice. He apparently knew his job and his role just now.

Looking up from his thoughts, Xander rose to his feet and gave the figure a slight nod. "Commander Stacker." he replied as he moved away from the couch and held a hand out towards the XO, with his other hand he gestured towards a pair of Klingons who were standing watch on either side of the room, causing them to turn and step out of the room. "I can't say we've had the pleasure before, it is regrettable that it is under such circumstances."

The man took the offered hand and gave it a few pumps. "We have not sir, and I too regret the circumstances. On behalf of the station, sir, you have our condolences." For your loss went unsaid. The words didn't sound practiced, or rote. Probably a benefit of that grey collar he wore. As he released the hand the obligatory question was asked. "Is there anyone we can contact for you?"

"Admiral Red will want to know, if she doesn't already." Xander replied simply as he clasped his hands behind his back and moved over to the window with slow, practiced steps. "Everyone else who needs to know will no doubt have been informed, Landon, Almar..." he paused for a moment before turning to glance over his shoulder, "This information has been entered as a matter of official record, yes?"

"It has, yes. The official dispatch has already gone out, but the investigation is ongoing." The station's Central Operations section had been more noticeably muted this morning: a testament to word spreading quickly. There came a pause and a few heartbeats before the visitor continued. "As to Admiral Red, she'll be my next visit after I leave here, sir. I'm not sure if she's aware at this point."

Xander nodded slightly as the information was confirmed and exhaled softly, "Thank you for notifying me, Commander. I intend to remain on board for some time, so I will make arrangements with your station security to liaise with my own personal guard."

"Understood sir. I'll make sure they know to expect your message." He took a breath. "And again, my condolences."

The greying Human cast his gaze over his own reflection in the window and then over his shoulder at the officer behind him, "Thank you, Commander. Please, don't let me detain you." he replied, his voice laden with guilt, pain and an anger tempered by years of practice.

"Of course. I'll see myself out." A moment later the door opened, revealing in the window the silhouette of the departing guest outlined in the light from the corridor outside, then closed. Leaving the man alone in the room.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander James Stacker
Executive Officer
Cold Station Theta (Starbase 1170)

Ambassador Alexander 'Xander' Hark
Ambassador to the Stenellian Ascendancy
Klingon Empire


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