A Distant Thunder

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Following the completion of the Interstellar Cultural Exhibition and Exchange, life aboard the starbase continues on. But the disappearance of a decorated Starfleet officer sends shockwaves throughout Starfleet. How will the station be affected?

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The Round Table

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A newly finished station on the edge of a volatile situation, Cold Station Theta begins its task of peace keeping and diplomacy in the Cheydinhall Sector.


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When two Starfleet officers go missing, one from Cold Station Theta and one from the USS Vindicator, both crews need to work together in order


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Dust Stirring

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At the edge of the Federation, life on a starbase goes on.

Over the Border, Where Shadows Walk

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Across the border from the Federation's Cheydinhall sector lies the Stenellian Ascendancy. What news from those parts?

When The Circus Comes To Town

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Cold Station Theta has been chosen to host the Interstellar Cultural Exhibition and Exchange,an initiative from various races, both within the Federation and outside, to have a cultural exchange. There will be various diplomats present, there will be plays, items of significance from said races are displayed on this exhibition.

What could possibly go wrong?