Deck Listing

Command Section · Medical Section · Residential Section · Space Dock · Upper Promenade · Arboretum and Lower Promenade · Starship Refit and Construction Section · Intelligence Section · Engineering Section

Command Section

Decks 001-009: Communications Arrays, Secure Subspace Relays, Sensor Arrays
Decks 010-039: Flag Operations (Beta Quadrant Operations Center, Cheydinhall Sector Operations Center)
Decks 040-069: Diplomatic Embassies and Offices, Diplomatic/VIP Quarters
Decks 070-078: Station Operations, Commanding Officer’s Quarters, Executive Officer’s Quarters
Decks 079: Secondary Medical Facilities
Decks 080-099: Secondary Reactor Facilities

Medical Section

Decks 100-114: Medical and Science Cargo Facilities
Decks 115-124: Hospital Facilities, Veterinary Facilities, Chief Medical Officer’s Office
Decks 125-129: Medical Quarantine
Decks 130-139: Laboratories (Mortuary/Pathology/Forensics, Medical Research)
Decks 140-144: Laboratories (Biosciences, Chemical Sciences, Geology, Physics)
Decks 145-150: Mission-Adaptable Laboratories, Science and Medical Shuttle Facilities

Residential Section

Decks 151-159: Diplomatic/VIP Quarters
Decks 160-179: Senior Officer Quarters, Marine Officer Quarters
Decks 180-229: Junior Officer Quarters
Decks 230-279: Family Quarters
Decks 280-349: Enlisted Quarters
Decks 350-415: Civilian Quarters
Decks 416-422: Chief of Security’s Office, Security Offices, Armories
Decks 422-425: High Security Holding Cells
Decks 426-429: Low Security Holding Cells

Space Dock

Decks 430-439: Traffic Control Center
Decks 440-444: Security Facilities
Decks 445-449: Temporary Security Holding Facilities
Decks 450-469: Immigration, Customs/Excise, Medical Screening Facilities
Decks 470-489: Civilian Office Space
Decks 490-539: Commercial Warehousing and Storage
Decks 540-569: Shuttle Bays, Shuttle Maintenance and Storage Facilities, Munitions Storage, Weapons Maintenance
Decks 570-575: Chief Tactical Officer’s Office, Auxiliary Command
Decks 576-587: Fighter Bays, Pilot and Ground Crew Quarters, Emergency Medical Facilities
Decks 588-589: Secondary Medical Facilities
Decks 590-599: Secondary Reactors, Water Storage

Upper Promenade

Decks 600-604: Security Offices
Decks 605-609: Hotels
Decks 610-624: University, School Facilities, Sports Facilities, Exercise and Training Facilities
Decks 625-629: Theater/Cinema Complex, Holodecks
Decks 630-639: Museums and Galleries, Libraries

Arboretum and Lower Promenade

Decks 640-689: Arboretum
Decks 690-704: Clubs, Bars, Restaurants
Decks 705-714: Transient Quarters
Decks 715-719: Security Offices

Starship Refit and Construction Section

Decks 720-739: Cargo Bays, Construction Shuttle Facilities
Decks 740-779: Fabrication Plants, Machinery Shops, Industrial Replicator Facilities
Decks 780-784: Secondary Medical Facilities
Decks 785-820: Security Offices
Decks 790-799: Fabrication Plants, Machinery Shops

Intelligence Section

Decks 800-804: Intelligence Personnel Quarters
Decks 805-814: Chief Intelligence Officer’s Office, Communication Intelligence Section, Intelligence Watchfloors
Decks 815-819: Intelligence Holodecks, Training and Exercise Facilities
Decks 820-829: Special-Access Facilities, Interrogation Section
Decks 830-859: Shuttle Bays, Shuttle Maintenance Facilities, Starship Docking Bay

Engineering Section

Decks 860-864: Auxiliary Command 2, Secondary Medical Facilities
Decks 865-869: Chief Engineer’s Office, Engineering Offices, Engineering Holodecks
Decks 870-899: Power Generation and Distribution
Decks 900-929: Shield Generators
Decks 930-939: Environmental Controls/Life Support
Decks 940-944: Gyrostabilizers and Starbase Rotation Control
Decks 945-969: Engineering Cargo Bays
Decks 970-994: Fuel Storage
Decks 995-1005: Telescope Arrays, Observation Decks
Decks 1005-1070: Waste Management, Gas, and Water Recycling
Decks 1071-1110: Deep-Space Antennae, Communications Arrays, Secure Subspace Relays, Sensor Arrays