The Sim

Cold Station Theta began its life as a refueling depot at the outer edge of Federation space. After its initial construction in 2371 it went largely underutilized due to the political climate and the outbreak of the Dominion War in 2373. The Federation had shifted from peaceful exploration to a mission of safeguarding against the threat posed by the Founders and their armada. The station was manned with only a skeleton crew during the war, a practice that was maintained for the next forty-five years until a new discovery put the station back into play.

The Stenellian Ascendancy and its people sit on a knife's edge between peace and war with the Federation. With diplomacy strained Cold Station Theta has been reactivated, upgraded, and armed for every contingency. As of SD 241710.01 the station was commissioned, the first of its class, and now stands ready to face the future.

Dedication Plaque