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Commander James Stacker

Name James Kent Stacker

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 230lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The average intelligence officer, outwardly-unremarkable and undistinguished unless you scrutinize closely. His skin has a permanent light tan - a testament to the hot Barolian sun - and his hair is starting to get a few grey strands, which he jokingly prefers to think of it as "work-induced highlights." As a consequence - he'd say "tribute" - of service in the Starfleet MACOs, he bears lingering aftereffects of various injuries received in the course of duty. The most notable of these is a prescribed eyepatch for use in low-light conditions: without it, he sometimes sees as if a 'shroud' has been dropped over his right eye.


Spouse Valeese (Chief Medical Officer, Cold Station Theta)
Children Rune Stacker (Vorta/human, b. 2420)
Father Dennis Stacker
Mother Marie Stacker (née Marie Keyes)
Brother(s) N/A; only child.
Sister(s) N/A; only child.
Other Family Uncle - Lt. Col. Jacob Eire Keyes (SFMC)
Uncle - Capt. Samuel Baxter (UFP/Starfleet, ret.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stacker is a professional whose life has been greatly colored by experience. An active-duty Marine seconded to Starfleet Intelligence from their ground-pounding cousins, externally he comes across as cold, standoffish, and sometimes cynical and jaded. These traits are tolerated because he’s also knowledgeable and experienced, particularly when it comes to operations - of the special forces variety - in Federation border sectors.

Within the last two years he has started to become a more personable individual who can be separately identified from a persona referred to as “the Ghost.” The reasons for this are many, but two key factors include an ongoing relationship with the station’s Chief Medical Officer - culminating in marriage in mid-2419 - and a desire for redemption from personally-perceived sins committed in the name of the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses His passion for his work is what drives him: Stacker has a good memory for facts, figures, and information long since forgotten by others, earning him something of a reputation for a "mind like a steel trap." Outside of work and off duty he's not in his element - something that he's acutely aware of. For this reason he prefers the quieter areas of the station. The crush of humanity and various alien species simply doesn't agree with him.
Ambitions For many years, Stacker differed from his grey-collared peers in lacking aspiration to make rank or command level. As time passed, however, a sort of "quiet competence" at his job led to successive promotions to Second Officer, followed by promotion to First Officer. Today he regards the successful day-to-day running of the starbase as his primary motivation and desire, although family (and the growth of family) takes a close second priority.
Hobbies & Interests Stacker has more-than-passing familiarity and interest in small-craft flight operations, field operations, and heavy weapons - necessary outgrowths of his long history with the Marines - which he attempts to keep in practice despite being increasingly relegated to positions away from the field. He's often found most comfortable and relaxed when engaged in projects that keep his hands busy, but mind on semi-autopilot (such as weapon maintenance).

Personal History James Stacker was born in 2384, the only child of botanists Marie Kent and Dennis Stacker of Barolia. He enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps at the age of 25, graduating nine months later as a rifleman. Postings to Viery and Operations Groups 5 and 21 soon followed, during which time aptitude for intelligence and special operations came to light.

In 2414 he was commissioned as a Lieutenant (j.g.), and remained on Quantico while he underwent a year of training as part of reassignment to the Marine Intelligence Training Program. Graduation in 2415 was followed by reassignment to Operations Group 21 - by that time stationed at Starbase 672: Hephaestus. He served with notable distinction before reassignment to Starbase 1170 (Cold Station Theta) in 2417, where he served as Chief Intelligence Officer before being promoted to First Officer in 2419.
Service Record SD 240901.03 - 240910.21: Starfleet Marine Corps Basic Training (NPC)
SD 240910.22 - 241008.19: Marine Special Operations Group 5, Viery (NPC)
SD 241008.20 - 241208.22: Marine Special Operations Group 21, Viery (NPC)
SD 241208.22 - 241401.24: Marine Officer Commissioning Program, Quantico (NPC)
SD 241401.25 - 241507.30: Marine Intelligence Training Program, Quantico (NPC)
SD 241508.01 - 241710.10: Marine Special Operations Group 21, 5th Expeditionary Unit, Starbase Hephaestus (NPC)
SD 241710.10 - 241903.03: Chief Intelligence Officer, Cold Station Theta
SD 241903.03 - Present: First Officer, Cold Station Theta