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Cmdr Bartly | Temporal Displacement Office

Posted on Thu May 20th, 2021 @ 5:41am by Lieutenant Commander Rook Bartly
Edited on on Fri May 21st, 2021 @ 12:28am

Mission: A Distant Thunder
Location: Cold Station Theta: Medbay
Timeline: 242105.19
Tags: Rook, Bartly, Temporal, displacement

Commander Rook Bartly sat on the bed in medbay staring at the two Star Fleet officers standing in front of her. The two officers were members of Star Fleet's Temporal Displacement Office which is a part of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations. The one group of people that Rook was not wanting to deal with because she knew what they were going to say and it was something she did not want to be told not to do and honestly is something she is probably going to do no matter what Star Fleet's rules were on the matter.

"Commander Bartly, I know how you feel on the matter but Star Fleet's rules are quite clear." Stated the tall star fleet officer in red. He brushed a strain of hair that had fell from his highly sculpted hair. "Under no circumstances are you to investigate the anomaly which had brought you to this time nor shall you make any attempt to return to your original time."

Rook pushed herself off the bed. "And what would be the point in forcing me to stay here. It's not like I belong in this time! I am needed back on my ship." She yelled at the officer.

The young woman in the blue Star Fleet uniform smiled with an expression of understanding. "The point that Lt Commander Sympson is trying to say is that since you have arrived in this time, you have seen and learned things that could pollute the time line. Commander, I can understand how you feel about being separated from everyone you knew back in your time but you are actually quite lucky. Most people that become temporal displaced are usually displaced by enough time that everyone they knew were long dead. With you only be displaced by 15 years, most if not everyone you knew could actually be still alive."

Rook looked over at the young human female in the blue uniform. "Look, lieutenant, I have spent my entire time stuck in the medical bay. I haven't been able to see crap and besides, as you said, its only been 15 years. What could I possibly do that would effect the time line in just 15 years."

Lt Miranda Luz sighed. "We don't know, and you are forgetting that the effects of pollution of the time line would have effects far beyond this current time into our future. Please Commander, understand that even the smallest thing like the the difference in uniforms could change whole lives."

The well manicured human male spoke again. "No Commander, this is a direct order from Star Fleet head quarters itself, you *WILL NOT* do anything to return to your own time. Punishment for violating this order can result in confinement and imprisonment." He placed his hands on his hips with a stern look.

Lt Luz shook her head disapprovingly. "Lieutenant Commander, please." She held up her hands defensively. "There is no need for threats. You should understand how she feels. Maybe you shouldn't be as forceful." She pleaded with her commanding officer.

The lieutenant commander's expression changed to anger for a moment before quickly returning to the his usual near Vulcan like expression. "So be it. Lieutenant Luz, I will leave you in charge of Commander Bartly and ensuring she is trained in Star Fleet policy related to her... situation and her rapid education is completed." He turned and stormed out of the room.

Rook Bartly watched the lieutenant commander exit and looked back at the young lieutenant in blue. "What was his problem?"

The young lieutenant smiled at Rook. "I am sorry for Sympson's actions. I believe that after reviewing your record that he thinks you will only respond to a strong offensive person. Your records do show a tendency to be... um.... aggressive."

Rook walked around the room stopping in front of the young lieutenant. "What did he mean by rapid education?"

Lieutenant Luz giggled. "It is a reeducation method we use to get spun up on all the events and technology that personnel that have been dislocated have missed. We can get a person caught up on two hundred years of history in only a few months to the put that they can rejoin Star Fleet as a productive member." She said proudly.

"Lieutenant, I don't want..." Rook made air quotes as she continued. "...reeducation. I want off this blasted station. I want to go home." She said with a stomp.

The young lieutenant shook her head. "Commander Bartly.... Rook. I know what you want but you can't. I think it would help if you reached out to someone you know and talk with them. I think that would help you reintegrate. I know that your old commanding officer, Jolias Enor is still alive and well. If you want, I could see into putting you into contact with him."

The mention of Enor's name made Rook stop in her tracks. "Did you say Enor?" Rook looked over at the lieutenant with hidden surprise.

Lieutenant Luz nodded. "He actually had quite the career after your death. He went on to become president of the Federation before retiring."

Rook's surprised turned into shock. "Enor.... president... So he survived." Her expression then shifted into a look of relief. She leaned back on the bed in the small medical chamber. "He is alive..." Rook Bartly was stunned by the news. She was sure that he was dead... along with the rest of the crew of the USS Warrior. With her last memory being the ship being boarded, the Commodore Enor's hand getting looped off being followed by her getting killed herself. Rook spent a lot of time around Klingons when she took part in the officer exchange program. She knew how brutal they could be and how they treated their prisoners. She was sure they would have been killed.

Luz nodded. "Yes he is quite alive. I'll reach out to Star Fleet and see if I can get his current residence and contact information. I am sure he will quite surprised to hear from you actually. After all, you are in fact dead."

Rook stood back upright again. "Absolutely Lieutenant. I want to talk with him!"

The female lieutenant held up her hands. "Ok ok! I'll get a hold of him. But first, please call me Miranda. There is no need to speak so formally with me."

Rook looked questioningly at Lieutenant Luz for a moment before reasoning out what she was. "Your a counselor aren't you..." Rook looked less happy.

Luz smiled again. "Why yes I am. Anyway, I believe you should be free to move around the station. I have a uniform ready for you over here." She walked over to the counter and pulled a uniform out of a cabinet. "I also hear that the station commander is still wanting to speak with you. After you get dressed, you should go see him. Afterward, we can talk about getting a hold of your friends. Oh, also I arrange for you to have some quarters here on the station while we await your new assignment. With the proximity to the anomaly that brought you here, you can't stay on this station because of the temptation to violate Star Fleet Temporal Investigations directive. You will find your quarters are on Deck 5, Room 175. Go drop off you gear and see the commander."

At this point Miranda turned and walked out the door. "I'll see you later."


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