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A Ripple

Posted on Sun May 17th, 2020 @ 7:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Rook Bartly
Edited on on Sun May 17th, 2020 @ 8:21pm

Mission: Dust Stirring
Location: Ul-Kamari Expanse
Timeline: SD 242005.17
Tags: Intro, Rook, Bartly, Arrival, Distress

The Ul-Kamari Expanse was still and silent. But this would not be the case for long...

Space began to warp. The light of the stars dimmed and bent. Warping around forming a ring of twinkling lights surrounding a void of nothing. as twinkling ring formed around the void, bolts of light and energy crackled off the ring. The void itself did not remain static. It weaved and appeared to bulge forward but did not extend more than a few millimeters. Slowing the void began to tear open revealing a blue clouded tunnel beyond. As the tunnel was revealed, the anomaly grew larger until it was nearly a mile in diameter. A large pulse of tachyons burst forth from the fissure in space in a blinding purple-white light that felt like staring into a super nova.

As the light faded, a small vessel was left in the place of the strange anomaly. The crackling blue bolts of energy continuing to travel cross the small ship's hull before fading leaving no trace of the fissure that produced the ship. The small ship slowly rotating on an invisible axis that didn't match the shape of the ship. It drifted toward the large space station, driven by the gravity created by the large metal structure's mass. The small ship was a Rapier prototype Fighter in which only a handful were ever produced. It's hull covered in carbon scoring, plates of armor on its hull were missing, dozens of holes penetrating it. Large cracks wound their way up the horizontal stabilizers.

The Rapier was a small ship with weapons designed to take on ships a dozen times its size. Floating about the vessel was larges chucks of metal and debris. Enough material to triple the mass of the small fighter. It's cockpit was smashed and mangled. It's canopy pulled back and warped. The clear aluminum that makes up most of the canopy is shattered. The cockpit's controls dead and lifeless. Small parts and debris floating about in the lack of gravity occasionally bumping into the slumped over pilot who is still strapped into the pilot's seat.

The pilot was still, seemingly lifeless. Her body was clade in a red and black armored space suit with white legs and arms. Much like her small combat vessel, the armor she bore was also covered in burns, divots, and cracks. The young woman, her long blond hair was fold up into her helmet, had red streaks that marked her beautiful face where blood had been dripping down before the small cockpit lost it's gravity.

A few moments after the burst of tachyons had faded and the apparent rift disappeared from sight leaving no visual traces but all the tale-tell markers the rift still exists, the cockpit started to hum back to life. A single red light strobbed from inside the tiny cockpit. Its light reflecting off the unconscious pilot's visor. A female voice sounding in the pilots helmet "Warning Warning". The female mechanical voice paused for an instant before continued. "Life support critical failure detected. Suit integrity compromised." The continued to repeat itself in warning to the unresponsive pilot. "Warning Warning. Life support critical failure detected. Suit integrity compromised."....

The Rapier's automatic distress signal chimed. It's signal weak and broken...

=/\= To Be Continued =/\=

Commander Rook Bartly
Chief Operations Officer
USS Warrior NCC 71612-A


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