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Lieutenant Commander Rook Bartly

Name Rook Bartly

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Augmented Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 165
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rook Bartly is your average human female. Standing at 5 feet, 8 inches in height. Her skin is of a fair complexion, and she has blond hair which she usually wears long reaching down to her middle back. A small standard data port is located on the back of her neck. She prefers to keep her hair long and down to hide the small data port located on the back side at the base of her neck.

Rook Bartly's body is marred by several scars on her back, right leg, and stomach caused from knife wounds, disruptors burns and other physical altercations. Most notably a large round burn scar on the right side of her chest nearly 6 inches in diameter caused by a close range disruptor blast. Medical scans show several of her internal organs have been replaced with cloned organs after her reported death.

Rook Bartly is an augmented human. She has two cybernetic augmentations. A data port connection located on the base of her neck designed for both wired and wireless connection to most standard computer systems. The second cybernetic augmentation is a memory recorder installed in her cerebellum. This augmentation is designed to serve as a data backup and to allow for uploading of recorded information into standard computer systems.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ron Bartly, Deceased
Mother Geena Bartly, Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lilly Bartly
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rook Bartly is known to be an aggressive hot head. She usually prefers to take the direct route toward anything that she is required to. Historically, she is known to be easily baited into aggressive action. Rook has a high regard for her personal freedom and hates to be restricted. Unlike most humans in Star Fleet, Rook Bartly has a large desire to the acquisition of currency such as gold pressed latinum.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rook Bartly has a high competence with computers, programing, and accessing data. This strength is boosted by the data port cybernetic augmentation.

Star Fleet Medical classifies Rook Bartly as short tempered. She does not like to be pushed and is quick to fight. She is also is also known to lash out verbally when upset.
Ambitions Rook Bartly has several ambitions which she has been working toward. Since her reappearance, she has several new goals.

1) Historically, tracking down and bring the man that murdered her parents to justice is her primary goal.
2) Discovering what happened to her after she was reported dead.
3) Earning enough credits for her to afford her own cargo ship.
Hobbies & Interests Rook Bartly's hobbies include collecting weapons, combat training, and ancient earth vehicles. During her time on Star Base Versailles she constructed an old motorcycle from the early 2000's. One of her favorite loves is piloting and flying ships. Her skills in combat piloted garnered her the honor of being assigned to stand up the Star Fleet combat pilot course and instructing at Star Fleet Academy.

Rook also has an interest in acquiring her own cargo star ship.

Personal History Born: Star Date 238011.08.
Location: Earth, South America, Brazil, Cavern City

=== Accident Report: Private Shuttle Crash ===
Star Date: 238709.28
Report Number: 48833D582EG442
Pluto Shipyard's Type 37 Civilian Shuttle lost primary engine power resulting in full system failure. The shuttle spun out of control crashing into the San Francisco bay. Both occupants, Ron Bartly and Geene Bartly were unable to escape the shuttle and drowned. They were survived by their daughters, Lilly Bartly (Age 2) and Rook Bartly (Age 6) who were at a friends home. Due to no other living relatives, both children placed in foster care.

The loss of primary engine power due to a faulty power coupling. Preliminary investigation uncovered circumstantial evidence that the power coupling was tampered with and linked Howard Cavender to the tampering. Further investigation proved that the power coupling failed due to faulty manufacturing.

=== End of Report ===

Upon turning 15, Rook Bartly disapeared from the orphange she was living in. She was discovered on board a Firangi transport serving as the ship's pilot. Over the next few years Rook Bartly was spotted still on board that ship. In a medical report dated Star Date 239603.31, Rook Bartly had a dataport implanted on the back side of her neck. Several security reports following this medical report have Rook Bartly accessing several different station's computers leading to a discrepancy in cargo and crew manifests.

At age 17, Rook Bartly departed from the Firangi ship and joined Star Fleet.

For details pertaining to her time in Star Fleet please refer to Star Fleet Service Record.

On Star Date: 240210.07 Rook Bartly acquired the Mars Gallant's prototype Rapier Star Fighter.

While stationed on the USS Warrior, Rook's Rapier Star Fighter was stored at Star Base 400: Versailles. After her death, the fighter was discovered missing from her docking bay.

She disappeared off the Klingon ship, KDF Qinwih. No traces were left of foul play or signs of suicide. Her combat fighter is still in storage along with most of her belongings. The Klingon Empire and Star Fleet left the case open and investigators believed that Howard Cavender based on circumstantial evidence. The investigation was inconclusive. Rook reappeared on the planet Ta'kara in the beta quadrant and accused Howard Cavender of kidnapping her. An investigation into her report found no evidence linking Howard Cavender to her disappearance.

//Mars Gallant: Prototype Rapier Star Fighter//

Mission Design: Space Superiority
Crusing Speed: Warp 2.5
Max Speed: Warp 5

Overview: Designed for space superiority, the Rapier Star Fighter was built to combat cruiser class vessels. Nearly all of the duel antimatter power-plants output are directed to weapons allowing it to be able to overpower any other ship in it's class. Only five Rapier Star Fighters were produced. Three were lost due to the dual antimatter reactors overloading and destroying the vessels during testing. One is in the Mars Gallant Museum.

Mars Gallant, primarily a weapons manufacturing company specializing in hand held small arms, started the development of the Rapier Star Fighter after it developed a new series of starship weapons designed for use on cruiser class vessels. Due to a high-demand of combat vessels on the Federation out rim, Mars Gallant built the Rapier Star Fighter around the new cruiser based weapons it had developed. Nealy all the Rapier's frame was literately physically designed and built around the weapon systems. The development of the Rapier Star Fighter was halted on Star Date 240107.15 due to systemic power plant issues akin to the development of the Defiant Class Escort vessel produced from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The weapon systems during testing nearly destroyed the prototypes when firing due to massive jarring.

Service Record

//Training Record//

Graduation from Star Fleet Marines
Graduation from Star Fleet Special Forces - 100%
Graduation from Sim Guide E-Mail - Completed
Graduation from Sim Guide IRC - Completed
Graduation from Star Fleet Engineering Academy - 100%
Graduation from Star Fleet Security Academy - 80%
Graduation from Star Fleet Helm Academy
Graduation from Star Fleet Combat Pilot - 100%
Graduation from Star Fleet Operations - 100%
Graduation from Star Fleet Tactical - 80%

//Promotion Records//

239805.** - Cadet
239806.** - Ensign
239807.** - Lt Jg
239905.** - Entered Star Fleet - Klingon Officer Exchange Program
240003.** to 240105.** - Loa (Lt)
240201.18 - La'hom (Lt Commander)
240305.** - Departed Star Fleet - Klingon Officer Exchange Program
240505.** Lt Commander
240410.** Commander

//Assignment History//

USS Vortex, NCC 2709-C
- Engineering officer
- Chief of Engineering

USS Vortex NX 2709-D
- Chief of Security

KDF Qinwih

Star Base 400 Versailles
- Strategic Operations Officer
- 109th Detachment Commander

USS Warrior NCC 71612-A
- Chief Operations Officer

//Personnel Record Overview//

Rook Bartly Joined Star Fleet at age 18 and graduated the engineering course to join the crew of the USS Vortex. After the death of the Chief of Engineering, Ensign Bartly was assigned as the new Chief of Engineering.

After the destruction of the USS Vortex C, The surviving crew was assigned to the newly built experimental vessel, The USS Vortex NX 2709-D which was developed to deal with a new raising BORG threat. While stationed on the USS Vortex D, she was promoted to Lt JG and worked as the Chief of Security.

After the lose of the USS Vortex D in battle, Lt Jg Bartly was then stationed on the newly built Star Base 400, Versailles as the Strategic Operations Officer. It was during her time at Star Base Versailles, Lt jg Bartly worked to co-author Star Fleet Academy's basic Fighter Pilot course and because one of the two instructors for said course.

Rook then took part in a Star Fleet/Klingon Officer exchange program and worked on Star Base 400 with the Klingon rank of SoghHom in the 109th Detachment. When the Klingon Chancellor himself came to Star Base Versailles to relieve the current Detachment Commander, Ta'kot, Rook was promoted to La'Hom on Star Date 240201.27 and was tasked to the new Detachment Commander for the 109th Detachment. Due to Rook Bartly's hot-temper, she settled in quickly and fit in well and earn the respect of the Klingons under her commander. While serving with the Empire, she garnered the rank of La' which is the equivalent of Lt Commander.

Upon completing her assignment to the Officer Exchange Program, Lt Commander Bartly was transferred to the USS Warrior as the Chief Operations Officer. During her time stationed on board the USS Warrior, She was promoted to the rank of Commander on Star Date 240505.09.


- Reprimand - USS Vortex NCC 2709-C - Striking an Admiral - Three Weeks in Brig
- Reprimand - USS Vortex NCC 2709-C - Striking a Captian - Two Weeks in Brig
- Reprimand - USS Vortex NCC 2709-C - Striking an Admiral - Two Weeks in Brig
- Reprimand - USS Vortex NCC 2709-D - Resisting Arrest - Three days in Brig
- Reprimand - USS Vortex NCC 2709-D - Domestic Dispute - Two Days in Brig
- Reprimand - USS Vortex NCC 2709-D - Excessive Force - Three Days in Brig
- Reprimand - Star Base 400 Versailles - Excessive Force - Two Days in Brig
- Reprimand - Star Base 400 Versailles - Excessive Force - Five Days in Brig
- Reprimand - Star Base 400 Versailles - Excessive Force - One Week in Brig
- Reprimand - USS Warrior NCC 71612-A - Excessive Force - Two Days in Brig
- Reprimand - USS Warrior NCC 71612-A - Hacking Holodeck - One day in Brig
- Reprimand - USS Warrior NCC 71612-A - Reprogramming Ship's Replicators to produce Alcohol.

//Certificate of Death: Star Date 240510.01//

- Name: Bartly, Rook
- Sex: Female
- Place of Birth: Earth, Brazil, Cavern City
- Cause of death: Organ Failure caused by disruptor blast to upper chest.
- Witnessed by: Commanding Officer, USS Warrior, Commodore Jolias Enor.
- Death Pronounced by: Chief Medical Officer, USS Warrior, Lt Commander Draconis
- Method of Deposition: Cremation: Launched into star