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Some things you can only learn in a storm...

A sentinel at the edge of Federation space, Cold Station Theta sits poised to become a strategic and diplomatic powerhouse. From humble beginnings as a refueling station prior to the Dominion War, the station’s location has put it at the convergence of diplomatic and strenuous relations with the Stenellian Ascendancy, an advanced and powerful interstellar player. The actions of her crew are closely watched by both the Federation and the Ascendancy. To make matters worse, there is a third player in the game. The Romulan Star Empire has taken an interest in allying with the Stenellis and nearly succeeded in turning them fully against the Federation.

As diplomats work to maintain the peace, new frontiers of science and exploration have opened. The Ul-Kamari Expanse, a vast and volatile nebula, beckons initial study. New cultures and new civilizations are discovered with increasing regularity and new threats loom on the horizon. Cold Station Theta has been fully redesigned and rebuilt becoming the first Salyut Class Space Station. She offers state of the art science and medical facilities, an extensive arboretum and botanical garden, comfortable living spaces for crew, an extensive promenade for socioeconomic interaction, multiple diplomatic suites and meeting facilities, and powerful defensive systems. With over twelve hundred and fifty decks, this facility rivals Earth Space Dock in size and population interchange.

Serving as the home of Beta Quadrant Headquarters, Cheydinhall Sector Command, and the Cheydinhall Expeditionary Fleet this station is never short on action or political intrigue. The command staff, Captain Aine DiAgessi and Commander Jacob Satie would like to welcome you to the future. Select join and apply today for the duty assignment of a lifetime.


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» Sim Report for November 7th 2417

Posted on Wed Nov 8th, 2017 @ 1:36am by Commander Jacob Satie in Out of Character

November 7th 2417 Sim Report is released. Please find it at the address below.


Latest Mission Posts

» JL | Evan Merlin & Valeese | "Wax and Wane"

Mission: The Round Table
Posted on Tue Feb 20th, 2018 @ 12:48am by Commander Valeese & Lieutenant Evan Merlin

Once Supergirl had flown off, the Goblin King's attention turned to another pair not far away from him. He had seen them before, and was pretty sure he recognised both of them. The one on the cloud had the unique signature of the Admiral he had encountered a few days…

» JL | Lt. Evan Merlin & Empress Xue' Daio Nox | "Gifted"

Mission: The Round Table
Posted on Fri Feb 16th, 2018 @ 7:28pm by Xue' Daio Nox & Lieutenant Evan Merlin

The 'Goblin King' was having fun. He spent his time during the ball alternating between dancing, walking around and chatting with people and juggling his glass balls, and standing out of the way (he found he could be remarkably unobtrustive when he wanted to) and simply watch the proceedings.


» JL | Dani Atara and Lt. Evan Merlin | Secret Identities, Pt 2

Mission: The Round Table
Posted on Tue Feb 13th, 2018 @ 10:11am by Danielle Atarah

-- Continued --

"You dance with the Admiralty!" Dani mocked a scoffing chuckle, "How brave. I guess I prefer the non alcoholic versions," she smiled; she never really liked alcohol, and she now only drank with Zett around, but her smile lopsided again as she threw another weirdly shaped cracker…

» JL | Dani Atara and Lt. Evan Merlin | Secret Identities, Pt 1

Mission: The Round Table
Posted on Tue Feb 13th, 2018 @ 10:11am by Danielle Atarah & Lieutenant Evan Merlin

One of the 'Goblin King's favorite games during the ball, he soon discovered, was trying to guess who was who, under those masks. It wasn't easy, especially with the Vindicator crowd making up a large part of the dancers. But he was fairly certain that the woman on the cloud,…

» JL | RADM Sha'mer, Cmdr Valeese | "Kindred" pt II

Mission: The Round Table
Posted on Mon Feb 12th, 2018 @ 5:18pm by Commander Valeese

"Even the Elves have their short comings." The Vorta's head shook, "It was a wizard written by a mortal man that gave us such insight." She paused briefly, her head canting off to one side with impish curiosity "Do you think that art may transcend life? That we can escape…