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Plot Log | Com Ivanova, Cmdr Dahe'el, Capt DiAgessi | "We are sailing, homeward bound..."

Posted on Mon Nov 27th, 2017 @ 6:47pm by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova

Mission: The Round Table

They hadn't been pushing the ship as much as they could have done, the slipstream drive was humming somewhere deep below them and the rhythm was soothing the nerves of the Cardassian sat in the command chair, he was thumbing through another PADD of reports that had been filtering in and was in the process of sending the majority of the less important ones through to his office for review later, it was getting late in the day and he was looking forward to finishing off the self-imposed shift on the bridge following their return from the planet and getting into a shower to return himself to near full working order. Around him, the bridge was returning to somewhat of a normal pattern, the Orion Commodore sat beside the Cardassian, involved in his own works now that they had been able to connect through to Starfleet Command once more. Officers buzzed about and shift changes had come and gone under Almar's watch, the viewscreen showed nothing, if it could be called nothing, it was the swirling field of colour that swarmed around them as the ship tore through space towards their home, Cold Station Theta awaited them and it's repair facilities would be theirs to use to bring the ship back up to speed without taxing their crew any further.

He'd made the decision to head off the bridge and hand control over to the Orion, temporarily, until Rochelle was feeling back up to strength when the Helm officer turned slightly in his seat to make a report, "Commander, we're nearly there, we'll be approaching Cold Station Theta in just over 15 minutes time at our current speed." the Bolian reported with a slight smile before turning back to his station with what appeared to be a slight flourish to his movements.

"Excellent," Almar replied as he reached and tapped his comm badge gently, "Commodore Ivanova, I'm sorry to disturb you but we'll be approaching Cold Station Theta in approximately 15 minutes." he stated before opening up the local reports that began to flood in from the station's broadcast signal and the specialised ones used to disseminate orders and more sensitive information. Some of it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, the situation they were walking into appeared to be slightly more interesting than the norm.

"I'm aware." Rochelle replied without need of hitting her combadge. Having been following progress from the comforting solitude of her own ready room, the Commodore stepped out onto the bridge just as she felt she was needed. In fifteen minutes there would be people to answer to, celebrations of life to be made, and hell to be paid for decisions she did and didn't have a hand in. Ultimately, the ship was her responsibility and what the crew did, and didn't, do reflected upon her abilities as a leader. "Hail station operations and let them know that we're as close as we are. They'll brief us on where they want to put us. Be sure to let them know the nature of the repairs needed." It all went without saying, her crew was more than capable - but the orders still needed to be made and they came without prejudice or assumption.

"Yes, Commodore," Almar replied with a nod towards the tactical officer as he moved to his feet and shifted himself over to the Executive Officer's chair, "Open a channel to Cold Station Theta, Station Operations." the Cardassian ordered as he straightened out his braid as much as he could and threw it over his shoulder to hide it from the majority view, the viewscreen flashed into life as the channel was opened, the symbol of the Cheydinhall Sector Block and Starfleet Command were replaced by the face of a Captain in red, "Cold Station Theta, this is the USS Vindicator, reporting in, we apologise for the delay, we'll be joining you within the next 15 minutes and will require the use of one of the shipyards."

The words 'Captain, we're being hailed by the USS Vindicator!' barely had time to register before Aine demanded they be brought on screen. A knee jerk reaction if there ever was one, but sure enough she was greeted by two familiar faces, albeit tired looking. Maybe terse, even. Bedraggled was another great adjective. "Vindicator, please proceed on course. We'll have coordinates for docking sent across immediately. Will you require emergency medical response?" She asked, looking between the Commodore and her first officer.

"Yes, Captain, we have two members aboard that require intensive care, but I believe we have it covered aboard the ship. We look forward to docking and decompressing." Rochelle replied, folding her hands in front of herself before taking her seat. It was a great feeling - going home... Going back to a sense of normalcy... Knowing that the members of her crew aboard the ship had little left to worry about. Sort of.

"Coordinates received," Almar responded to both the Captain on the screen before them and the Commodore now sat next to him, her rightful place retaken on the bridge, "By your leave, Commodore?" he asked with a slight nod towards the helm officer sat waiting patiently before them for the order to be given, the coordinates already having been fed through to him.

With a nod and a gesture made only with a couple hands for them to proceed forward, Rochelle gave the single word call that would bring much needed relief to so many, "Engage." A nod was given to the view screen, "We'll see you shortly, Captain, and I'd appreciate it if we weren't met with a throng of people. Many of us just want to decompress." She stifled a sigh as she spoke. If ever there was one who wanted to decompress, it certainly was the firebrand herself. The coming days and weeks would be arduous at best, and she'd need all the help and and zen she could possibly muster. Fighting through crowds of curious onlookers wasn't how she wanted to spend day one back at port.

"Not a problem, Commodore. We'll make it happen." Aine nodded quickly.

"Perfect. We'll see you in a few short minutes. Vindicator out."


Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer

Commander Almar Dahe'el
Executive Officer

Captain Aine DiAgessi
Commanding Officer


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