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Cmdr Bartly | "Back In Uniform"

Posted on Fri May 21st, 2021 @ 1:26am by Lieutenant Commander Rook Bartly

Mission: A Distant Thunder
Location: Cold Station Theta: Medbay & Rook's Quarters
Timeline: 242105.20

Rook was finally alone in the small medical chamber. She was relieved that Lieutenant Miranda Luz had finally left. Counselors are one of the things that Rook couldn't stand. They always seemed to talk like they know everything and that really irritated her. Rook pushed that to the side and looked at the uniform in her hand. The uniform was different from her old uniform. This one matched the uniforms of this time with the standard gold and black coloring of Security and Operations. Looking at it she frowned. It was a reminder of the fact that she didn't belong here in this time. Rook took a deep breath before finally tossing it down on the bed that dominated the small room then proceeded in pulling off the blue medical patient tunic and pants that she had been wearing since she had awoken on the station. She pulled on the fresh under garments that Lieutenant Luz had provided. They weren't exactly Rook's taste but were better then nothing. She then picked up the uniform and pulled the pants on closing the flap and fixing the belt on. Next she pulled the new uniform's under shirt on before finally picking up the uniforms jacket and pulling it on.

Rook stretched in place testing the fit of the uniform. It was surprising more comfortable then her old uniform. Rook jumped up on the bed and pulled the socks that the young lieutenant had provided then pulled the two boots on her feet. "Ok, the uniform is better but the boots suck." Rook said to herself as she pushed herself off the bed and walked around. After making two laps around the small private medical room, she picked up the comm badge and put it into place. A large bag was sitting in the corner of the small room. Rook knelled down next to the bag and opened it. Rook smiled finding her pilot armor in it. "Thank goodness, at least I have SOMETHING of mine..." She closed the bag and slung it over her shoulder. Finally she walked out of the stations medical bay without having to try to sneak out...

------------------------ =/\= Deck 5 =/\= ------------------------

Some time later Rook wandered down the corridors of the station still unsure where she was going. Rook was not familiar with the stations layout at all. The station was definitely of a Star Fleet design. Every single corridor looked the exact same. At least on a star ship it was easier to find stuff due to the small nature of ships. Rook shifted the bag on her shoulder that contained the remnants of her flight armor. "Deck 5, Room 175..." She looked at the doors as she walked. "Room 152.... 153...." she mumbled as she passed reading the room markers. "Damn this place is worse then Versailles. It's too damn big..."

After a few more minutes of walking she finally arrived at her newly assigned quarters. "Finally..." She pressed the open key on the panel next to the door sending the door open with a swish. Rook walked in and dropped the bag she had lugged all the way from the massive station's sick bay. Looking around as she moved away from the door Rook mumbled "Well, at least the quarters are bigger then on the Warrior..." She slowly walked around checking out her new quarters. "Three rooms... not bad. The decor sucks but I can fix that... Not that I'll be here long enough to actually enjoy it." She walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. "Why are these standard mattresses always hard as a brick. I mean, its been 15 years, you think that Star Fleet would figure out how to make a decent bed. What ever, it will do for now..." She got up and walked back into the living room area.

Rook came to a sudden stop as soon as she entered the room. Much to her surprise, a man wearing an all black outfit sitting on the standard issue couch that was against the far wall. "Good to see you alive and well Rook. I've been told that you have done a good job of not telling anyone what you've been up to." He voice was soft and almost sounded light hearted. Rook looked over the man in the chair. He appeared to be human. She guessed he was about 200 pounds and his black hair was cut short and combed to the side. He was leaning back in the chair with his legs crossed.

"Who the fu$% are you and why are you in my quarters?" Rook moved toward the exit of her quarters keeping her back to wall. For some reason Rook felt defensive in this mans presence. She wasn't sure if she was this defensive because her last real memory was of being killed, or if it is was something about this man.

The man responded with the same soft tone. "Oh come on now Rook... You can drop the charade of not remembering anything. My name is Decker, and just like you, I work for Section 31 and I'm here to debrief you." He motioned a hand toward Rook as he spoke.

Rook gave him a look of confusion. "Look, I have no idea what you are talking about I never heard of anything called Section 31. I'm the chief tactical officer of the USS Warrior... or well at least I was... well I am... ANYWAY that's beside the point. I don't know you." Rook continued moving slowly toward the exit.

The man stood up as Rook slowly continued her path. "Yeah that was before you *worked* for us. We need to know what happened on your last mission before you disappeared 13 years ago." He stepped toward Rook blocking her path to the door.

She glanced around the living room. Now that her path was blocked, Rook needed a weapon. Something about the man's voice put her on edge. Rook usually kept a weapon on her when she was in her flight armor. If she did, there was a chance it could be in her bag with the rest of the armor but she was blocked from the bag as well. "Look a-hole, I already told you that I don't know what your talking about and it has been 15 years." Rook spotted a metal tray on the table only a few feet away.

The man smiled. "No, it has been 13 years. You 'died' 15 years ago but you worked for us for two years before you disappeared... Wait, you really don't remember anything do you?" He paused for a second. "I don't know if I believe if you don't remember anything but I have to report this. For now, I think you should stay here..." Decker looked away from Rook for a second toward the window as a ship dropping out of warp could be seen. Rook took the chance and quickly darted toward the table and grabbed the tray. When she spun around to face Decker he was gone. No one was there. Rook Bartly was alone.

Rook was confused by the encounter and the mans disappearance. Her eyes were off him for only a second so he couldn't have made it out of the door since it was still closed. If he exited her quarters she would have seen the door close. She didn't hear a transporter and no transporter worked that fast... Well, at least they didn't 15 years ago... Rook placed the tray back on the table. "Yeah, like I'm going to stay here..." Rook tapped her comm badge. "Bartly to Commander Merlin." She paused for a second as she debated if she should report her visitor. She quickly decided that it probably be better to keep quiet for now until she could learn more about this Decker. "I believe you wanted to see me when I was up and about."


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