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JDL | CDR Jake Satie (XO) & CDR Mitchell Rush (CCO) | "Meet the Shrink"

Posted on Fri Nov 10th, 2017 @ 6:18pm by Captain Jacob Satie & Commander Mitchell Rush

Mission: The Round Table
Location: XO's Office | Cold Station Theta

Stopping by his quarters on his way back up to Operations, Jake had changed his clothes and run a comb through his light brown hair. The weather protocol in the Arboretum was a success and the controllable weather patterns meant a better diversity of flora and fauna could be rescued and preserved for future posterity. The sudden rain storm he and Captain DiAgessi had been caught in, left him feeling cold and even with the tropical warmth that had followed it up, he still felt a chill in his bones as he arrived in Operations.

His office was opposite the Captain's Ready Room but nearly equally as large. There was a convertible couch should the need arise to be closer to Operations then his quarters two decks below. There was was also two overstuffed executive chairs on swivel bases facing the couch and separated by a ornate glass coffee table. His desk, which faced the entry door, was custom replicated to resemble a highly polished and live edged redwood desk connected through the middle with a water blue glass. Jake's grandfather had owned a desk very similar and when asked what he wanted his office set up like, the desk had been his only personal request. Across the desk were two more executive chairs also on swivel bases. In one, a man was seated strumming his fingers across the top of his side of the desk to a rhythm all his own.

"Hello, can I help you with something?" Jake asked as he walked around for a better look at the man. He had light brown hair about the shade of Jake's own. He was wearing a medical uniform identifying him as a commander. He was fit and his uniform was fresh but something about his face was rugged as if he had been camping for the weekend, Jake thought.

"I reckon so," Mic grinned, looking over his shoulder to see who it was that had asked the question. The sight of the Commander was a refreshing difference to the time he'd spent studying the desk in determination of what it had been constructed out of. The argument had waffled between North American Redwood or Australian Jarrah. Judging now by the accent, Redwood ultimately won. Taking a stand, he offered his Executive Officer his hand for a shake, "Commander Mitchell Rush, your new counselor. Reckoned I'd check in with you 'n' see where we're at with any concerns you may have for the crew."

"Ah yes, Commander. I've been expecting you. Sorry there was a little show down in our new Arboretum. The Captain and I were caught in the rain while exploring the gardens her mother has put together. The place is amazing if you get the chance your should head down there." Jake took the man's hand and shook it firmly. "Have a seat Commander. Tell me a little about yourself. What was your last duty station?" Jake walked around the desk and sat in his high backed chair.

Mic nodded gently and flashed the Commander a polite smile, "I've heard the rumors, it's definitely high on my list of parts of the station to explore." He answered and took an offered seat, the PADD in his fingers spinning idly as he set an ankle to a knee and made himself comfortable. The question almost sounded like something that would have come out of his own mouth at any given time. It left him amused. "Well, last duty station was actually the Academy, working student mental health, actually. That much is available in my records, though, so we can kill the small talk if you'd like. I'm a rather honest man." He grinned, dropping the PADD into his own lap and resting his elbows on the arms of his chair. "If I had t'guess, and you'll forgive my boldness, you're wondering if Commander Valeese and I know one another or have worked in any capacity together. Yeah?"

"The thought had crossed my mind. At the brief, she was slightly agitated when I asked where you were. I simply come from a world of accuracy and where if you are on time, you are late. If you are late, you are likely to have your case dismissed in favor of a tee time. This is my first position in the command pool. I was in the Judge Advocate Corps for the majority of my career, but, that is also in my record. So, All I really want to make sure that you know my door is always open and you are welcome for any reason." Jake leaned back in his chair and smiled. "If you have any issues settling in or need anything let me know."

"Lee and I worked together back on Earth. She's a brilliant mind, even better officer. No we didn't date, no I have no desire to date her, yes we're quite protective of one another." Mic replied, "In my field, if someone needs a little extra time to talk, you give it to them regardless of what's booked to come next. It could mean the difference between life and death. So... If I need to take a slap to the wrists for protecting the station's crew..." The Aussie shrugged, "So be it. I'll keep all that in mind, though, if I wind up with any trouble when it comes to settling in or finding my place here. So far it's looking quite optimistic, really. Well," He gestured vaguely, "Aside from Lee nearly having her arm ripped off by a rogue Bajoran," and being damn near terrified of the bloody surly Andorian Engineer he failed to remark for sake of preserving patient confidentiality, "but who's counting. No harm, no foul."

"There is a bit more unsavory action on this station than I would like. I think the Captain and I will clean it up in good time though. With over forty-eight thousand souls on board at any given time, it will be a full time job. We still don't have a full time Chief of Security and if Starfleet Personnel ever gets off their collective butt and send us one that will make a world of difference to." Jake let just a hint of the disappointment and resentment he had begun to feel lately toward the neglected billets on the station show. "We are having a fall seasonal party on the Veranda in the Arboretum next Friday night, Commander. The theme is Venetian Masquerade. Though I expect we will see some rather wild outfits less related to the Venetians. Please pass word on to your staff, all non-essential personnel are invited and encouraged to attend." Jake himself was eager to pick out the outfit he would be wearing but wanted to confer with his date about her choice of color so that he could select a complementary design. Leaning forward, Jake said, "Is there anything else, Commander?"

"Welcome to the wild west, mate. It's been a real scream for as long as I can recall. Red's done a lot to rein it in and I reckon you and her daughter will do a sight more as the deputies to her sheriff here in Beta." Mic chuckled lightly and shook his head, the laughter ending in a gentle sigh, "Something like your party maybe put people's heads back into the game and change perspective. Team building exercises might be something to think about... You know... Escape room holo-programs might be just what the doctor ordered. That being said, I'll encourage people to attend the masquerade."

Jake stood, "Thanks Counselor. I think it will be a good time." Jake hoped it would be. He had already spent a considerable amount of time planning with Aine. Tomorrow he would start hanging decorations and lights in the lower garden. "I don't suppose I could enlist you to help decorate?" Jake added as he walked around his desk to see the man out.

Taking to his feet, and gathering up his trusty PADD, Mic considered the proposition as the walked to the door, "I can't see why not. If it keeps the Skipper pleased, then we may as well put our heads together and get it done, right?"

"I don't know about the Captain but it will keep me pleased not to have to hang all those lanterns by my self," Jake laughed. "I will be in the Arboretum tomorrow after first watch. If you can, meet me there." Jake pressed the release button and the door hissed open revealing the corridor to Operations and the Watch Standers Lounge. "Now, Commander, I have a dinner to get ready for with the Stenellian delegation. We are meeting our new Stenellian ambassador to the Federation tonight."

Another shake of his head lead to a wince and the Australian waved that last idea off as if it were a bad habit, "G'luck, mate, I'll see you tomorrow in the arboretum." And with that, he was off to other things and places.


Commander Jake Satie
Executive Officer


Commander Mitchell 'Mic' Rush, PhD.
Chief Counselor


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