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Cmdr Merlin, Lt Cmdr Bartly | As doors close...

Posted on Tue May 18th, 2021 @ 10:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Rook Bartly & Commander Evan Merlin
Edited on on Tue May 18th, 2021 @ 10:48pm

Mission: A Distant Thunder
Location: Cold Station: Theta
Timeline: 242007.** - 242105.18

The doors of the lift closed with a phssst sound behind Rook. Her right arm still being held by Lt Marshal as he escorted Rook towards Commander Merlin's office after discovering her in the docking ring after she had 'escaped from the medbay. "Commander Bartly, I don't know why you are so obsessed with ignoring medical advice and running off. I mean you have at least a dozen notes in your medical record for leaving against medical advice." The two walked up to a set of closed doors which read as the station CO's office. The young lieutenant pressed the chime to alert the Commander of his visitors awaiting outside. "Anyway, Commander Merlin is expecting you and honestly I expect he has a lot to discuss with you but don't worry, I'll be right out side waiting... just in case of an emergency...or you try something stupid...again."

Rook gave the young man a side eye and went to respond as the doors to the office opened. Sitting inside she could see Commander Merlin looking her way. The commander tossed a PADD on the pile on his desk as the doors opened and Rook was ushered in. The Lieutenant who brought her stepped out again right away, but remained waiting outside, to prevent Rook from running off again.

"Ah, hi!" the commander said with a grin. He was in uniform, but in contrast to that neat appearance, his curly hair had managed to escape its constraints and stood out in a wild halo around his head. "So, you've been out exploring the station? I know, it's an interesting place. But you really ought to wait until the medics release you from their care. That's for their benefit as well as yours. Firstly, we can't have people bleeding all over the station, it gives the Ops division fits and blood stains in general don't match the esthetic. Secondly, people who leave sick bay prematurely usually end up back there again, in worse condition than when they left. And they do have more to do than patching people up over and over. So, just out of consideration for my staff, please be so kind to wait until they actually tell you you can leave. Believe me, they don't hold people there a minute longer than necessary."

Rook look less then amused. "Well maybe if that... gentleman... would stop spamming me with sedatives I wouldn't had to returned the favor." She placed her hands on her hips, still wearing the uniform she had acquired but without the comm badge as the lieutenant took it back when he found her. "Look" she paused trying to remember his name. "... Merlin, I know good and well they are just trying to do there job, but if you woke up in a strange place and someone told you that 15 years had past then you would question the reality of the situation. I had to make sure this wasn't some Klingon version of a want-a-be Romulan game and besides, I'm fine now. Your wonderful medical team has had locked down for weeks there 'recouping'."

The man raised an eyebrow in a remarkably Vulcan fashion. "You were there for a total of three days. But I'll grant you your paranoia. It must've been a lot to take in, suddenly hearing you've missed fifteen years." He looked at her with his sea-coloured eyes, eyes which seemed to reflect the wonder of the universe. Either he was very truthful or he was a hell of an actor. He picked up a PADD, typed a few codes in and held it out for her. "This will grant you guest access to the station. You'll be allowed access to most parts, some are of course off limits for now. You will be able to visit your ship. Same goes for the computer. Walk around a bit, familiarize yourself with the place – unless you want a tour?"

The blond woman shrugged. "Three days, three weeks, when you constantly being sedated its equally annoying." she shot a glance over her shoulder at the door where Lt Marshal was waiting just outside hoping he heard her. "Yeah thanks... Beats being a prisoner I guess... I've actually been to this station before. Granted It doesn't look anything like it used to... I'll take you up on that tour." She gave a forced smile. "Does this mean that I'm going to have to deal with Star Fleet's Office for Temporal Dislocated Officers now? I really need to get back out to that nebula. I want to..." Rook paused for a second before continuing. "I NEED to know what happened to me." She put a lot of emphasis on the word 'Need'. "And I know that they don't like officers looking into that kind of thing." Rook felt a wave of nausea wash over her. she staggered as it was followed with dizziness. "I...don't..." Rook fell over landing on the floor with a thud...

Stardate: 242105.18 Medbay

Rook Bartly sat up in a startle shooting upright in a cold sweat. Her heart beating a million miles a minute. She was confused, lost, and disorientated. The young blond woman's hands were shaking. The image of her friend's had being sliced off by a klingon. Of him falling to the floor of the bridge screaming in pain following by a second later by another klingon blasting her in the chest... Killing her. While she was unconscious, these images replayed over and over in a non-ending stream of nightmares.

The young blond woman looked around the room she found herself. She was once again in the station's medical facilities. She rested a hand on her chest feeling the scar tissue beneath her shirt. Rook was getting tried of waking up in the infirmary. She had lost count of how many times she had awaken laying on this blasted bed. Rook quickly took stock of herself. Nearly all of the wounds she had sustained were gone. Nearly not a mark on her. 'Huh, guess the doc here is actually pretty good...' she thought to herself. She swung her legs off the side of the bed pushing herself up into a standing position. Rook quietly moved over to the door and peered out. No one seemed to be around. 'Finally I can get out of here...' she remarked in her mind. The last several attempts to leave were thwarted by medical staff that had hit her with a hypo-spray to keep her asleep. The worst one was that Lt Marshal person... he had been the bane of her existence since she had arrived at the station.

Rook took one soft step passed the threshold of the door of the private room she had been occupying. As soon as her foot crossed the threshold, a chime sounded across the medical facility onboard the station. This caused Rook to bolt forward toward the exit. She made it about 3 feet when non other then Lt Marshal came walking around the corner office next to the exit effectively cutting her off. "Ah, Commander Bartly, I see you have finally woke up. You had collapsed when we were at the commander's office. I told you needed more time to rest but did you listen to me... NOOO..."

(OOC: Sorry for disappearing! I deployed and I didn't have access to the site! But I'm back!

In the novels Star Fleet has an office for dealing with officers that are 'out of time'. I just read a book that two follows Lt Mr'ess and Lt Arex from the animated series where they both end up in the TNG time period and both have to go through Star Fleet Office of Temporal Dislocated Officers.)


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