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JL | Cmdr Valeese, LtCmdr Stacker | "Home Coming" pt II/II

Posted on Sun Jan 20th, 2019 @ 3:58am by Commander Valeese Stacker

Mission: Lacuna

That putty-like feeling was back - the one that reminded her that she was so very vulnerable under his hands and so willing to let him manipulate her as he so pleased. The one that tried to raise the point that the man beneath her, touching her, was a killer first and foremost... It fell on deaf pointy ears, miserably dribbling away into the background as the Vorta savored the sensations associated with loving, and making love to, him. Her fingers tangled in the fabric of his shirt, giving her a chance to tug on it even though it remained trapped between him and the chair in some parts. He'd move, she'd shift her weight to accompany him, and she'd continue with the task of removing a layer that kept her from a degree of touch she desired... All while his mouth worked somewhere over the pulse point in her neck, casually light and teasingly soft. It was decadent.

The movement of bodies continued and in so doing yielded up benefits both immediate and ... otherwise. For starters there was his shirt. Each time he shifted more of it came untucked. It wasn't long before much of the material was hoisted up under his arms, resting atop his pecs. There was also the continuous shifting. Each time she moved she rubbed his legs. Sometimes there was contact with the growing evidence of his state of arousal, too. When this happened his breath hitched. Sometimes his pulse raced. Eventually it reached a point where his kisses became increasingly harder and more passionate. His breath blew hot across her skin after one such moment of contact, and his jaw tightened while a hand came up to fist in her hair; not a pull of dominance, but one reaffirming the unique relationship they had. "I need you," he growled in her ear as his other hand went up her thigh, flipping the robe out of the way and baring her leg.

It didn't take much to convince her that what he said was true... For both of them...

And it held true from the moment they caved to that brand of steely desire.

She could feel it the moment the adrenaline and endorphines crested and began to wane following the discontinuation of their frenzied lovemaking. The afterglow was magic, regardless, allowing her to drape bonelessly against his chest while he clung to her, keeping her where she absolutely belonged. A time passed with them recovering and seemingly unwilling to move, or separate, when she realized she'd taken to softly stroking the hair at the nape of his neck, her fingers circling around the fine peak of hair at his hairline's lowest point. Such a realization made her smile - the warmth of her affection for him seemed limitless even after sex that had been anything but tender or patient... But that was them. They were either lions or lambs, but never both and it suited them appropriately.

"If Parsuv only knew." She snickered, "I think he'd either give you a far wider berth or have you committed... I can't be sure which." it took entirely way too much effort to move and sit up in a fashion reasonably accommodating to the act of looking him in the eye and studying his face. The haggardness seemed to have abated, even if he seemed truly tired and tired or not, bathing was about to become a necessity and bathing meant being naked - not necessarily something she was ready to do given the time that had spanned since he'd last seen her nude. Certain changes were bound to stand out.

"Tell me, Mr. Stacker, have you ever just stood in the dark and allowed someone to bathe you? I hear it's a rather lovely set of sensations..." she hummed, proud as anything to have found the ultimate easy way out, "I think it's the perfect way to cap our evening before sliding into bed."

He chuckled as he regarded her with fondness, looking up at her figure and looking as if he'd paid a particular heavy price for what had just happened. The hair was matted to his forehead by sweat that seemed ever-present. Little beads trickled down his cheeks and threatened to spill from his eyebrows into the eyes. A thumb came up to wipe them away - momentary relief, if that, but still welcome. The sound that came from his throat mixed pleasure, satisfaction, and a hint of comfort in equal measures. "I haven't. But," he added with an amused look in his eye, "we should definitely partake."

There was more to it than just simply delighting in her company, too. Even now he was acutely aware of the sweat trickling down his back and soaking his shirt and little twinges in his back informed him that this was going to be felt for days afterwards. The brutality of it all was something he wasn't in the best of physical shape for. But really, was anyone? He put the question aside with a smile and let his hands slide up her thighs, gently caressing her skin. A moment later came the question.

"Shall we?"

"We shall." Parting from him was such sweet sorrow and it meant that she had to engage legs and a sore core, luckily keeping the gentle presence of her secret hidden by the confines of her robe that slid dutifully into place as she stood and re-adjusted it back over her shoulder and tightened the belt. "Just ditch the pants here, we can recycle them later." Valeese beamed, holding her hand out for him to take, "Same with the shirt. Just easier that way."

It really was ironic that the shirt and pants came off now, when they were most fouled with the aftermath of their energetic romp. Of course the more he moved the more evidence there was - strictly internal, of course - that his body would be protesting for days. This wasn't a surprise: he knew that he was going to feel it. No, the surprise in itself was that all the muscles were protesting. It intensified and made itself most-known when he sat up, and hit its peak when the shirt came up over his head. Apparently his core disliked any flexing action involving pulling fabric over his head.

He almost sighed in relief when it was concluded, and the shirt spilled out onto the floor. The pants followed in quick succession and then his hand found hers. It was hard not to savor a simple moment like fingers grasping each other.

"Computer, dim lights to zero percent." The chirp of compliance and fading of all light beyond that which subtly shimmered in from the starscape beyond allowed the little Vorta to relax. Her eyes adjusted quickly, allowing her to see clear as day where she knew he'd be at a distinct disadvantage even when the cones in his own eyes managed to catch up. Humans were strange in that regard; predators at the top of their food chain that had no way to see and defend themselves at night without the aid of technological advancements. It was something she'd often pondered - but for the moment she was more than just a little thankful for that particular genetic short coming.

Guiding him came with surprising ease. He didn't hesitate or second guess the direction she towed him in, he simply followed her with his fingers laced within hers like a one of those gentle giant horses she'd seen a time or two in Terran beer advertisements. So powerful but so docile unless the call for action came - and she prayed it wouldn't. She'd had enough action, enough trouble... Now all she wanted was to be left in peace to enjoy him.

Once in the bathroom the hissing spray of water was engaged and she carefully maneuvered him to where he could step in, allow her to drop her robe, and follow suit while he basked beneath the heavy stream of warm water. "You can adjust the temperature as you please." She hummed, resting her lips against his back.

"Mmm," he murmured by way of acknowledgement, too caught up in the here and now to care much more. Sparks seemed to dance across his back, while his hands found hers and raised them to his chest. Even now it still amused - and delighted - him that each touch, each caress, each stroke of her fingers or meeting of their lips created that pleasurable and delightful tingling on his skin. Had the decision been left to him he wouldn't let her out of bed. He would have much rather stayed in all day and spent time enjoying those sensations.

Regrettably, reality interfered with this delightful pondering of what he'd like to do. It started with a slow awareness - one easily set aside - that the water temperature was too low. It continued to grow, and escalate, and increase, until it couldn't be denied. The water was quite simply not warm enough for him. And she had told him he could adjust it as necessary. So he wiped water droplets from his eyelids and eyebrows, shaking them from his hand and stood there blinking.

"Computer, raise temperature by three degrees." He felt the change immediately, and just as immediately questioned why he hadn't done it sooner. It was just enough of a spike to bring a more-pleasurable feeling to aching muscles. The steam started to rise immediately, too; he could feel the vapor sweeping by his arms and enveloping them in a cocoon of warmth. A slow lean to one side let the water's focus move from his neck to the collarbone, and from there to his shoulder. Droplets flew from his skin and landed on her.

Valeese in turn smiled and hummed her approval of the sudden rise in temperature. It was down right heavenly to embraced by the rising billows of steam and heat and she couldn't help but relax in its grip even while her hands were captured and made busy. "Just enjoy yourself, if that's even possible." She murmured against his skin in mild amusement, allowing her hands to slip away from his skin just long enough to obtain soap, "Relax... Just concentrate on my touch, no work, nothing."

He made a sound of contentment and let his head roll forward. A single question was in his mind: how the hell had he gotten so lucky, to find this woman? It was followed by another: I want to keep her in my life. As she started to wash him with the soap, he pondered this simple fact. Some time later, when they were slipping into bed, it was still on his mind. It was still there when he went to sleep.


Commander Valeese
Chief Medical Officer

Lt Commander James Stacker
Chief Intelligence Officer


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