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Sim Report: SD 241710.28-SD 241803.15

Posted on Mon Mar 19th, 2018 @ 9:31pm by Captain Aine DiAgessi

Greetings, folks!

I know it's been a hot minute, and please forgive me, but here's a quick SIM report to help everyone stay on the same page!

Something formal to follow soon.


SD 241710.28-SD 241803.15

Commander Satie and Captain DiAgessi share a moonlight meal in the station's gigantic arboretum, for some out of office bonding. Dinner near the shore brings back memories for both.

Later, Commander Mitchell Rush, the chief Counselor, formally checks in with Jake Satie and tells her he and Commander Valeese have worked together before. Valeese shares her worries with Mic Rush, who proposes tiramisu therapy as a depression chaser. Later, she meets again with Commander Stacker and they agree to go to the Masked Ball together.
Commander Thelin th'Zarath, the station's Chief Engineer, reports to Valeese for his mandatory physical, to the mutual discomfort of both. Later on, Thelin meets Lieutenant Evan Merlin and gives him a tour of the more secluded parts of the station. He shows him a hidden room filled with spare parts, much to the Engineer's pleasure.

Empress Xue’Daio Nox has arrived on the station and encounters Merlin there. They have a brief conversation about the nature of leaders and their people. Later, they meet again by chance in the arboretum and are caught in a rainstorm. She brings him to her quarters for a change of clothing and a meal. As they dance to the music of the stars, an odd connection forms between them. Not quite a telepathic bond, but something which draws them together from time to time. During one of those times, he invites Xue to the ball.

Later, he meets Dani Atarah, one of the persons who has been instrumental in bringing the USS Vindicator home. He shows her some of the station's hidden assets.

USS Vindicator docks with Cold Station Theta, where Commodore Ivanova and Commander Dahe'el meet up with the station's CO and XO.

Xue meets with her niece Si'a, who has returned with the Vindicator, and gives her blessing for Si'a's union with her lover, Anaxar Shran.

It's ball time! Aine and Jake open it, together with Rochelle Ivanova. Various crewmembers of CST attend: Valeese as an elf from Lord of the Rings, Merlin as the Goblin King from Labyrinth, Stacker as an old soldier, complete with bandolier and sword.
The crew of the Vindicator is well attended, too. Commander Dahe'el as Count Dracula, Rochelle Ivanova and her yeoman Ra'lin as Queens of Ice and Fire, respectively. Si'a Dai'xun, dressed as a star, dances with Anaxar Shran as raven. An old friend of Rochelle, retired Colonel Vlimar PontBrillant, arrives and meets with both Ra'lin and Rochelle.

Empress Xue' Daio Nox makes an appearance, dressed as a butterfly, Dani Atarah is here as Superwoman, complete with an engineered outfit. Goblin King Merlin meets with both. Cintia Sha'mer, Ra'lins mother, has a conversation with Valeese during which they find they have more in common than they thought. Another new arrival, Commodore Aksel Ravnsson of Starfleet Intel, watches from the side.

The end of the evening gets rudely disturbed when a second Vokar appears and shoots the Vokar accompanying Xue. In retaliation, Xue shocks the new Vokar and injures him. Commodore Ivanova uses an override to teleport all involved directly to the brig and out of the ball area, and announces loudly that this was the show for the evening.
Most people party on, obliviously counting down the last minute and seconds to midnight. But Merlin goes to the brig to give Xue the support she desperately needs in the aftermath of those hellish few minutes.

After the ball, Stacker and Valeese continue their, ah, dance in private, in her quarters, after the ball.

A new science officer, Lt. Satan, arrives at the station the night after the ball and reports to Ops, where he meets Merlin. The following morning he meets Stacker during breakfast and finds there that there is a limit to the IDIC principle.

Later that day, Si'a gets kidnapped while walking on the Promenade, leaving an anxious Anaxar waiting in a nearby restaurant. Not long after that, Valeese gets abducted as well, something which Stacker discovers the following morning. He immediately puts his team on high alert and the station on lockdown. Somewhere, in another corner of the station, it becomes clear that the mysterious Aksel is far more involved in this situation than he ought to be.

Valeese comes to… somewhere… and is persuaded by the kidnappers to divulge the identity of the father of Si'a's child. She does so, but manages to convince the kidnappers in turn not to stress Si'a by revealing that she is pregnant, for now.

After a hurried conference in Commodore Ivanova's ready room on board the Vindicator, it is decided that Ivanova, Dahe'el, Archer and Shran will join the senior staff meeting hosted on Cold Station Theta, to discuss these events…

* NPC are counted under main character count

Captain Aine DiAgessi: 8
Cmdr Jacob Satie: 5
Lt Charles Tailor: E
Lt Evan Merlin: 23
Cmdr Thelin th'Zarath: 6
Cmdr Valeese: 37
Cmdr Mitchell Rush: 4
LtCmdr Stacker: 13
Total: 96


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