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Name Alexa

Position Yeoman

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Hologram
Age 5

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 0 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Alexa is designed to be of average height and build, so as to appear unassuming, but also to conform with conventional standards of beauty and the expected physical characteristics of a Starfleet aide or yeoman. Her gender, species, manner, and specific physical characteristics are based on a comprehensive analysis of several hundred counselors, yeoman, and administrative officers across the scope of Starfleet.


Father Alexander Beckett (designer/"father")
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexa was initially programmed with personality traits that her creator felt would be beneficial to an administrative officer in Starfleet. However, rather than design a complete personality matrix, Alexa was deliberately left with room to expand and grow, and then enrolled into Starfleet Academy, where she would be exposed to a variety of influences and interactions drawing from races and cultures across the Federation. It was hoped that, like the EMH program aboard the USS Voyager during its time in the Delta Quadrant, Alexa would evolve a more complex and complete personality in a more natural and organic way, and that the experiences would leave her with a common frame of reference shared with the Starfleet officers she would eventually work with.

Intended to be friendly, approachable, and resourceful, Alexa's personality matrix evolved a number of unexpected traits, particularly an enthusiastic curiosity to learn from and about everyone she encountered. At first it was considered a glitch in her learning algorithms, but it eventually became a core feature of her personality. Over time, similar errors compounded into slight personality flaws - an affinity for talking too much being one of them - but these were left in place, deemed to be part of allowing her to be a more complete and rounded individual.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Alexa is a hologram, and as such is immune to most organic frailties and limitations. She has an innate connection to local computer systems, and is capable of accessing and retrieving data from a variety of databases. She is also a fully trained and qualified Starfleet Officer, having completed several years at Starfleet Academy.

Weaknesses: Alexa is an artifical being, lacking any sort of formative childhood memories, which has proven to be a problem when trying to relate fully to fellow cadets. She is also limited by the confines of holo-projector technology, and is considered a non-essential system unlike other Starfleet holograms, such as the Emergency Medical Hologram.
Ambitions To be accepted as a fully fledged member of Starfleet, and granted her commission.
Hobbies & Interests None.

Personal History Alexa was created by Alexander Beckett, a Starfleet science officer turned holo-engineer. His interest in holographics was sparked after the return of the USS Voyager from the Delta Quadrant, and the conflicts surrounding his legal status, echoing those of the android Data some fifteen years prior. In particular, Beckett became fascinated by the evolution of those artificial intelligences into conscious and arguably sentient beings, and over the years became increasingly dedicated to the study - and eventually replication - of such an artificial lifeform.

While in the past, Starfleet had prioritised utility programs such as the Emergency Medical Hologram, Beckett was far more interested in creating a next generation Data: a holographic entity that could serve as a fully fledged member of Starfleet. However, his attempts to directly create a complex personality like that of Data or the EMH proved unsuccessful. He eventually realised that in order to emulate a realistic personality, he would need to construct such a personality in the same manner: gradually, over time, through growth and evolution.

In 2414, Beckett completed the basic matrix for his prototype, whom he named Alexa - after himself. After months of initial programming and testing, he reached an agreement with Starfleet Academy to allow Alexa to attend as a Cadet. Beckett believed that the level of interaction and diversity at the Academy would help hone Alexa's personality matrix in the same way that a child developed as a person through interaction with others, and that the experience of having attended Starfleet Academy would provide Alexa with a baseline of shared experience to aid in future interactions with Starfleet officers. Additionally, subjecting Alexa to a full Academy syllabus would ensure that she was provided with all the skills and knowledge that Starfleet deemed necessary for a serving officer.

Due to her heightened ability to absorb and process information, Alexa completed her Academy program ahead of schedule. Her technical aptitudes were expectedly high, though her grades struggled somewhat in more conceptual aspects, and her instructors voiced concerns that "a hologram simply does not have what it takes to be a Starfleet officer". Though due to graduate as part of the class of 2419, it was ruled by the Commandant that it would not be in Starfleet's best interests to grant Alexa a commission, as it was unclear if she would be capable of performing the full scope of duties required of a Starfleet Ensign. Beckett appealed this decision with the Judge Advocate General, who ruled that the only way to prove her capability or lack thereof was through observation. Arrangements were made for Alexa to join the crew of Cold Station Theta as a Yeoman and Acting Ensign, to be observed and evaluated based on the performance of her duties.
Service Record 2415 - 2419: Starfleet Academy
241903.10: Assigned to Cold Station Theta as Yeoman