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Lieutenant Alexander Edden-Parami

Name Alexander Edden-Parami

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human-Betazoid-Risian
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alex is tall and well-built, enough that he could be quite imposing if he set his mind to it, though he seldom does. He usually seems to be a little unkempt: not actively tidy, but rather more focused on practicality and getting the job done than on presenting himself as prim and proper. He can often be seen with his uniform half-unfastened and his sleeves pushed halfway up his forearms, or eschewing a standard duty uniform entirely in favour of a more practical and comfortable jumpsuit.

He and his twin sister each have half of a yin-yang symbol tattooed on the inside of their left wrist, which is completed (though hidden) when the twins grasp each other by the forearm.


Father Vice Admiral Jacen M. Parami
Mother Lieutenant Yorzi Edden-Parami, Ret. (Deceased)
Sister(s) Twin - Lt. Takara Edden-Parami
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexander is a workhorse, more interested in getting the job done than in prestige or acclaim. He acts because a thing needs doing, without paying any mind to the potential benefits of completion, to himself or to others. If a replicator is broken, he fixes it because it needs fixing, not because fixing it means that the replicator's owner will be able to eat more conveniently if he does, or because it will contribute to his work quotas. His focus is always on the hear and now, on the task at hand and on putting one foot in front of the other, and never on the horizon.

Having grown up with such an eager and competitive twin, Xander has a fairly low tolerance for people who remind him of her: not because he dislikes his sister - on the contrary, she is the most important person in the cosmos, as far as he is concerned - but rather because his sister has already spent several decades wearing down his patience to a near minimum. Of particular frustration to him is wishful thinking: Alex is a pragmatist, realist, and cynic, and would much rather live in the present and have an appreciation for what he has now, than waste time contemplating and aspiring towards something "better".
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Alexander is incredibly focused, has a strong work ethic, is proficient with a variety of technical and mechanical disciplines. He has a good head for numbers and protocols, and for systems and logistics, making him a competent Operations Officer and Engineer.

Weaknesses: Alex does not lack imagination and creativity, but he does lack the motivation to use them. He is adept at finding solutions, but gravitates towards "fixing" the problem rather than restructuring or reconfiguring to avoid the problem in the future. He also struggles with some of the more complex and theoretical aspects of engineering, more comfortable focusing on how technology functions than on why it was designed that way.
Hobbies & Interests Alexander likes to fix things in his spare time, and finds the process of repairing and restoring broken technology to be quite soothing. He has no particular interest in the items once repaired, however: it is the act of fixing that appeals, not the act of collecting.

Personal History Alexander and his twin sister Takara were born aboard the USS Edison, a Galaxy-class starship, in 2381. During their infancy, the family remained close to their father's current posting, but once they began their education the twins were relocated to Earth in the interests of stability, raised mostly by their mother with some help from their paternal great-grandparents. Their father split his time between the Federation and his family, prioritising the former far too often for Xander's liking.

For most of his formative years, Alex had no interest in Starfleet, deterred by his father's absences and his mother's own negative experiences with Federation service. Alex's focus was always on making himself "useful", at first completing tasks around the family's Scottish home that his great-grandparents could no longer complete, and later easing the strain on his mother as age and illness began to take their toll. When she eventually passed away, however, Alex's sister found herself lost and directionless. Takara had always idolised their father, and in the absense of anyone to discourage her from following in his foosteps, she felt that Starfleet was her only way forward. Not quite ready to live his life entirely alone, and unwilling to let his sister suffer the same fate either, Xander grudgingly agreed to apply to Starfleet Academy alongside his sister. They were accepted as part of the incoming class of 2402.

Takara excelled at the Academy, pouncing eagerly on every opportunity that came her way. By contrast, Alexander was more interested in just making it through in one piece, focused on achieving adequate grades and acceptable scores, without any real aspiration for anything greater. Inevitably, graduation led the twins in different directions: looking for some semblance of a comfort zone, Xander accepted an assignment to Starbase 326, where his family had lived for a few years before relocating to Earth.

By 2419, Alexander was a Lieutenant, and had been transferred to Cold Station Theta as an Operations Officer.
Service Record 2402 - 2406: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2406 - 2409: Starbase 326 - Operations Officer (Ensign)
2409 - 2415: Starbase 326 - Operations Officer (Lieutenant, JG)
2415 - 2418: Starbase 326 - Operations Officer (Lieutenant)

2418??.??: Assigned to USS Vindicator as Tactical Officer