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Lieutenant Commander Tristan Viego

Name Tristan Viego PhD PhD

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 147

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 143 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and slender, Tristan resembles a fairly average and unassuming middle-aged human male, though his actual age is much older. He deliberately cultivates a relaxed appearance, keeping himself tidy without being overly neat or styled. Unlike some El-Aurians, he keeps his fashion choices restrained and timeless rather than bold and eye-catching, preferring to blend in rather than stand out.


Spouse Alicia Vendaan - (†, 2370)
Children Nathaniel Vendaan-Viego
Father Ioan Viego - (†, 2293)
Mother Lian Viego - (†, 2293)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though El-Aurian, Tristan has lived in Federation surroundings for most of his life. Though he thinks of existence on a fairly human time scale, his El-Aurian physiology means he lives to see anyone he becomes close to grow old and die. Rather than despair at this, Tristan has embraced it, living his life as a series of "phases" alongside his more mortal peers, and then moving on to a new walk of life once their time with him is complete.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Tristan had lived many lives, and learned many skills. He has also made many mistakes, and has a wealth of learned wisdom to draw upon. Like some other El-Aurians, Tristan has an "echo" within the Nexus energy ribbon, which grants him some degree of sensitivity to certain kinds of fluctuations in the space-time continuum (like Guinan).

Weaknesses: Having lived so many "lives", Tristan sometimes finds his past experiences difficult to reconcile, making it harder to decide upon the right course of action. His experiences with loss - particularly his wife - have left him somewhat gun shy when it comes to relationships: he is not afraid to make friends, but is reluctant to allow anything closer.
Hobbies & Interests Tristan does not have hobbies, so much as "old lives" that he is still interested in. Astrophysics, archaeology, and anthropology are still subjects of fascination and curiosity, and Tristan still gets a thrill out of flying - though these days such activities are usually confined to the holodeck.

Personal History Tristan was born in 2278 on the El-Aurian homeworld, deep within the Beta Quadrant. When the Borg attacked, he escaped with his family aboard the SS Lakul, but while he was among the survivors beamed to safety aboard the Enterprise-B, his parents were not. Rather than remain with the 46 other Lakul survivors in the Federation's refugee relocation system, Tristan applied to Starfleet Academy.

Graduating in 2297, Tristan accepted a posting aboard the USS Galacta, one of Starfleet's early Excelsior-class vessels. Over the course of his service aboard, his familiarity with astrogation evolved into a passion for astrophysics, and he later transferred to the science department, where he served for over a decade. Aboard the Galacta however, Tristan gained his first experience with the comparative brevity of human lifespans, and struggled as his peers and superiors grew older, began families, and passed away. A Vulcan colleague suggested that Tristan might find comfort among longer-lived species like his own, and after considerable deliberation, Tristan resigned from Starfleet to accept a civilian post at the Vulcan Science Academy.

Over the next decades, Tristan thrived in academia. He completed his first doctorate, in astrophysics, in 2318, but while his Vulcan peers were certainly longer-lived than his human crewmates had been, he found their approach to life frustratingly slow. In 2328, he accepted an invitation to join an archaeological expedition to Zeta Orionis, lending his knowledge of astronomy to efforts to decipher the history of an excavated Alnitak stellar observatory. It was on that expedition that Tristan met Alicia Vendaan, whose passion for archaeology and anthropology Tristan found infectious. The two collaborated frequently over the years that followed, their academic relationship progressively becoming romantic, and leading to marriage and the birth of their son, Nathaniel.

Nathaniel was 11 when the Cardassian Wars began in 2347, a series of conflicts that would not be resolved for almost two decades. The wars would prove to be a source of contention between Tristan and his son, the latter growing increasingly frustrated with his father's refusal to return to Starfleet and assist. Tristan argued that the Starfleet phase of his life was behind him, a position that Nate opposed to such an extent that in 2355 he would enlist in Starfleet in the hopes that it would bait his father into service as well. The ploy succeeded, with Tristan rejoining the crew of the USS Galacta, now refit as a Curry-class carrier. Tristan briefly served as a helmsman, but quickly transitioned over to fighter operations, and became one of the Galacta's lead pilots for the remainder of the war.

When Cardassian hostilities formally ended in 2366 and the Demilitarized Zone was established, Tristan took an extended leave of absence from Starfleet, in order to return to Alpha Centauri and care for his ailing wife, whose age had finally begun to catch up with her. She passed away in 2370, and would have walked away to begin the next phase of his life, were it not for the destruction of the USS Odyssey at the hands of the Dominion soon after. Having lost friends aboard the Odyssey, and sensing the coming conflicts, Tristan returned to Starfleet once more.

For three weeks, Tristan served as a helmsman and shuttle pilot aboard the USS Atlantis. During the third, a contingent of Marines were ambushed by Jem'Hadar while en route to establish and fortify a monitoring station on a Gamma Quadrant planet close to the wormhole. As the ranking officer, Commander Viego took command of the survivors, coordinating their defence until the Atlantis could arrive and extract them. Tristan was formally transferred to the Marine Corps soon after with the rank of Major, remaining with the Atlantis Marines until the end of the Dominion War.

By 2387, Tristan had served as a Marine for nearly sixteen years, in various capacities, and had served with Starfleet through several brutal and costly wars. Colonel Viego had grown tired, and chose his 111th birthday to retire from Starfleet once again. He tried returning to previous disciplines, but his wartime experiences had left him jaded, too busy watching for the next tactical crisis to appreciate the scientific observations that had given him so much joy in the past. He attempted to move forward instead, experimenting with music and artistry, and even had a career as a published holonovellist, though only to modest acclaim. Tristan began to develop an appreciation for how older El-Aurians chose to live their life, and by the 25th Century had begun to emulate them in small ways, living a fairly transitory existence, travelling the galaxy to observe and listen without attempting to actively participate.

That changed in 2419, when circumstances led Tristan back to Starfleet, this time as a diplomatic officer stationed on , drawing on his knowledge of archaeology and anthropology, his experiences as a galactic tourist, and several decades of service with Starfleet.
Service Record 2293 - 2297: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2297 - 2299: USS Galacta - Navigation Officer (Ensign)
2299 - 2302: USS Galacta - Navigation Officer (Lieutenant, JG)
2302 - 2313: USS Galacta - Science Officer (Lieutenant)

2313: Retired from Starfleet
2318: PhD in Astrophysics from the Vulcan Science Academy
2328: Expedition to Zeta Orionis
2335: Expedition to Vondem
2341: PhD in Archaeology from the University of Alpha Centauri

2355 - 2357: USS Galacta - Fighter Pilot (Lieutenant)
2357 - 2366: USS Galacta - Squadron Leader (Lt. Commander)

2371 - 2375: USS Atlantis - Company Commander (Major)
2376 - 2381: USS Daedalus - Squadron Leader (Major)
2381 - 2384: Starfleet Tactical - Strategic Operations Officer (Major)
2384 - 2387: USS Apollo - Executive Officer (Lt. Colonel)

2387: Retired from Starfleet

241902.26: Starfleet commission reactivated
241902.28: Assigned to Cold Station Theta as Diplomatic Officer