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Lieutenant Satan

Name Satan

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 54

Physical Appearance

Height 1.86
Weight 74
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description He's almost your basic prototype Vulcan: tall, desert-lean, with straight black hair and dark brown eyes, upswept eyebrows and tanned skin with a slight greenish hue. There are no discerning scars visible.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Soran
Mother T'Lira
Brother(s) Satal
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various aunts, uncles, cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Here, too, he's an almost typical Vulcan. The embodiment of logic. Dealings with irrational beings puzzle him from time to time, however, he feels it is a puzzle which needs to be resolved in order for him to grow. Starfleet is a living embodiment of the IDIC principle, so in order to fully master that principle, he must be able to deal with all aspects of it. Let's say it'll take some practice before he gets there.
Strengths & Weaknesses He relies strongly on logic. Rationally, he knows that few other people do. But irrationalities still confound him more often than not.
Ambitions Satan's ambition has always been to become a Kolinahr master. However, in order to fully purge all emotions and maintain the rigid mental disciplines which accompany it, he feels he needs to be able to maintain his Vulcan composure and discipline under all situations, not only in the sheltered life on Vulcan. To this end, he interrupted his training to join Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Varied. He likes to observe various different races and how they react to stimuli, he is intrigued by the nearby Nebula. Nearly everything is a science project to him, with him as observer.

Personal History 236802.06 Satan is born in the city of AraKahr, Vulcan.
2380-2382 Attended Vulcan Science Academy, studied various disciplines, amongst which astronomy, (astro)physics, mathematics.
2382-2390 Taught various science courses at a Vulcan school
2390-2393 Began Kolinahr training in the monastery on Vulcan
2393-2403 Unknown
2403-2407 Attended Starfleet Academy
2407-2418 Served as Science Officer on various postings throughout Starfleet
241802 Assigned as Science Officer to Cold Station Theta

Service Record