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"She was small"

Posted on Tue Dec 15th, 2020 @ 12:17am by Ambassador Kyrza Jadoss

Mission: When The Circus Comes To Town
Location: Just outside Cold Station Theta

She was small. Her hull looked like a patchwork quilt, with a mixture of materials all aged and worn at different rates, some patched over unevenly several times in several places. No one would mistaken her for a sleek new racer, or a production build craft. No, this felt more like a generational relic, passed from one to another, earning her keep through hard draft. Honest, certainly, but not crisp, or clean, or new. At best, a stout heart and, on a good day like today, free of leaks and fresh stains.

Her navigation and thrusters held true now, as she settled into stationkeeping. There was some back and forth between the bridge and the station. Some minor foul up perhaps. Something not aligning right, something about not being expected. So for the moment, she waited.

She was small. She had spent some time now, dressing and preparing for this trip - an expedition. It was not her first journey away from home, but she knew her experience was limited. But she would not allow that to be the source of weakness. Not for her family, not for her father, not for her people and her home. Not for her.

Her back was uncomfortable. Maybe the outfit, maybe the posture, it didn't matter much. She refused to move to accommodate. But she was growing impatient. She didn't need this to be finished, but she needed this to move forward. Progress. Not... sit here like a foolish lump.

She was small. In stature, certainly, but not in spirit or heart or tenacity. No, she would not be small there. And she had had just about enough of this delay. Perhaps she should have waited longer, more patiently, but she was still young, and not ready to waste away her time.

"Minister Kahlis. I suggest you press harder for action before what little is left of my patience runs out. I do not intend to idly waste any more of my time standing still."

Yes, she was small. And now, she was growing angry.


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