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Ambassador Kyrza Jadoss

Name Kyrza Jadoss

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Saurian
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 152cm (~5')
Weight ~58kg (~128lbs)
Hair Color Nil. (Light Grey Scales)
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Noticeably shorter and smaller than the average for his species. Otherwise, quite normal for Saurians, just in a smaller frame. Fairly thin but deceptively strong compared to Humans of similar size.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gentle, friendly, calm, organized, reserved.
Strengths & Weaknesses A competent organizer and developing diplomat, Jadoss has consistently demonstrated his ability to manage small groups of people towards moderate sized tasks and projects. Diligent and responsible, he is able to recognize his faults and weaknesses. His naturally inquisitive and curious nature, paired with his calm nature helps him understand and analyze situations and people, particularly in sensitive areas.

His naturally quieter personality leaves him less able to form fast strong bonds. His more nuanced approach to developing friends and colleagues is valued, but take time to grow. Jadoss is not always able to express the nature or urgency of a message that must be critically delivered, and is quite rarely angry. While he is able to read people and situations well, he is not yet confident as a leading diplomat and remains stronger as a supporting analyst and in background operations. He is capable of taking initiative and making lower level decisions, but is still hesitant to decisively make decisions of higher responsibility. Although he seeks to improve himself, he is not always able to translate his identified weaknesses into a positive action plan towards success.
Ambitions Continue to develop the skill and trust of superiors, while working towards higher levels of responsibility as a senior diplomatic officer (Consul, Deputy Consul, Ambassador).
Hobbies & Interests Generally curious about most things, and outside of his work, is quite open minded towards new and different tastes, experiences, and cultures. He thoroughly enjoys such exploration.

Personal History Jadoss was born small and curious. Always fascinated by new things, he was something of a runt amongst his fellow hatchlings. Although not always enthusiastically supported, his desire to learn and be exposed to other people and other things was accepted. After a short exchange student semester, Jadoss left for post-graduate higher education off world, finding his curiosity and fascination with other species and culture growing with more exposure.

Less interested in the raw science, and more fascinated with living culture and people, Jadoss focused on a career in the Diplomatic Service, targeting postings in embassies outside of Federation space. Slowly growing in experience and skill, he continued to spend more time and focus on cultures and experiences, rather than the business of statehood and politics. Although reasonably competent as a staff officer and analyst, his career started to stall as he found himself unable (or perhaps unwilling) to focus  and command the responsibility of senior diplomatic officers, ones who dealt with high politics and affairs of state.

Still, he was able to slowly climb at less important postings and smaller missions, all the while enjoying learning about new cultures, tastes, and traditions.
Service Record Masters in Interstellar Relations, University of Betazed
Diplomatic Service Officer, Federation Embassy, Breen
PhD in Interstellar Relations (Religions, Cultures & Civilizations), University of Hurkos (Dissertation: "From Strangers to Fellowship: Cultivating Meaningful Bonds After First Contact")
Diplomatic Service Officer, Federation Embassy, Cardassia Prime
Diplomatic Service Officer, Federation Consulate, Archanis, Klingon Empire
Second Secretary, Federation Embassy, Tholia, Tholian Assembly
Consular Agent, Federation Consulate, Lappa, Ferengi Alliance
Deputy Consul, Federation Consulate, Castal, Talarian Republic
Deputy Consul, Federation Consulate, Paxsaean, Darsaean Alliance
Consul, Federation Consulate, Echia, Garidian Republic
Chargé d'affaires, Cold Station Theta