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An Unruly Paient

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 7:49am by Lieutenant Commander Rook Bartly & Lieutenant JG Christine Resnik

Mission: When The Circus Comes To Town
Location: Cold Station: Theta
Timeline: 242006.28

Resnik strode into the medical bay, eager to have a look around the place and get acquainted with her peers. Her mood was optimistic and enthusiastic, and as the doors opened, she was slammed into a brick wall of reality. On the floor lay a Lieutenant in blue with a hypospray next to him.

Chris rushed toward the prone man and manually felt for a pulse, relieved a bit when she felt it thrumming strongly in his neck. She picked up the hypospray next to him and saw it had been loaded with a sedative. She dialed up Anphedrin in a light dose to counteract the sedative. A nurse trotted over on seeing them both on the floor. "Dr Marshal! Is he ok? Who are you?" She questioned Resnik.

Things moved quickly and Resnik tried to spit out as quickly as she could. "Dr Christine Resnik, just arrived. I'm a new surgeon assigned here." She glanced around and saw a terminal nearby with a layout of a docking ring section. "Check your beds, I think we have a missing patient."

The dark-haired nurse nodded and glanced around. "Yeah, we do, Commander Rook Bartly."

"Alright, well let me wake Marshall up." Chris sighed and pressed the hypo into him, rolling him to his back and watching him blink awake. "You ok Marshal?"

The lieutenant slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times. "Yeah I'm fine. What happ...." he started then remembered Commander Bartly standing over him and nailing him with a hypo-spray. He shot upright and looked around. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" he yelled. He looked around quickly seeing Commander Bartly was gone and noticed Resnik kneeling beside him. "I take it you hit me with Anphedrin?" He went to stand up and the nurse reached out to give him a hand which he accepted and stood up feeling a little light-headed. "Thanks..." He padded himself over and noticed his comm badge was missing. "Sorry, who are you?" he said to the woman who woke him up.

Chris smirked and held out her hand. "Chris Resnik, I'm a new surgeon, just came to check the place out." She shrugged a bit and said, "Well I suppose we should call on security, but I'm thinking we should also go after her ourselves. She obviously wasn't ready to be released." Chris found a storage locker and pulled out a med bag, checking its contents and saying, "If you're feeling up to it?"

"Oh yeah, I remember hearing your name at the staff meeting last week. Welcome to Cold Station." He looked down at the display screen. "I don't think we need security. I have a pretty good idea of where she went. Plus I'm reasonably sure that she took my comm badge so tracking her down shouldn't be too hard." Lt Marshal pressed a button on the desk's terminal. "Computer, display the location of Lt Tod Marshal." The screen flickered for a moment and a red dot appeared on the map shown on the screen. "Yeah, she is in the docking ring alright." He picked up the data PADD off the desk and handed it over to Resnik. "Here is the med report on our little runaway. Honestly, I was surprised to see her alive but after seeing how... um... strong-willed she is, it isn't that surprising." He motioned toward the door. "Shall we?

Chris read over the chart, scanning details. "She has implants, that's interesting enough. Must be trying to get onboard her own craft again." Resnik smiled and shook her head. "Never a dull moment I guess." She carried the medbag and lead the way, following the dot she had transferred to a PADD. This would be a great way to start to learn the station layout she surmised. The PADD directed her to the closest lifts as she continued to read her medical records. "Seems like she's all patched up and doesn't need a surgeon, just time to properly heal. I can't imagine how confusing and frustrating it would be to lose fifteen years."

As the two walked toward the lift, Lt Marshal nodded. "Yeah not many people have implants these days... and I think your right about her trying to get back onboard her ship. I or at least whats left of it." The walk was short and the two entered the lift. "Docking Ring." Marshal told to the lift which quickly started it's trip. "I think it would be good to have a surgeon along with in-case she reopens her wounds..." He leaned back on the wall of the turbolift. "So, where you from and what do you think of CST?"

Resnik nodded along with his assessment of having a surgeon along. "Originally Texas... but I've been everywhere, used to be stationed in the Gamma Quadrant ages ago. Just rejoined Starfleet recently though, been away for a lot of years." The lift opened up at the docking ring level they requested and she said with a smirk, "As for CST, very interesting so far. Haven't even made it 24 hours yet."

They followed the tracker and entered a bay. Chris looked around and called out, "Bartly, are you here?"

Resnik's call was met with silence but caused almost all of the maintenance techs which were working on the damaged fighter to stop working and look up. Lt Marshal looked around as his companion called out. The dock bay was filled with a severally damaged star fighter and other debris that didn't seem to be from the fighter itself. 'I can't believe that she is alive if this was what she was found in.' Marshal thought to himself. The fighter was in pieces. Dark scoring marred the hull, every inch of the star fighter was shot up leaving holes penetrating clean through. The cockpit's canopy was a mangled mess. The whole fighter looks like it was staying together by little pieces of string with good intentions.

One of the techs walked up to the two medical personnel. "Hey, who are you looking for?" He asked

Lt Marshal held up his hand up parallel with the floor. "We are looking for a blond woman about this tall."

The engineering officer smiled at the two. "Oh HER! Yeah, she just came in here a few minutes ago and climbed into the cockpit to pull the fighter's sensor and navigational logs." He pointed toward the front of the wreckage. "Be careful around the wreck. This thing is, and I'm not kidding, is literally falling apart."

Marshal had climbed up one side of the cockpit and Chris took the other. She let him have the joy of tapping a distracted Bartley on the shoulder. Resnik smirked at the interaction knowing she had not been seen or heard yet. She scanned the escaped patient and was happy to see there wasn't any apparent signs of new trauma. Chris prepped a hypospray, but didn't really want to use it, lifting dead weight out of a cockpit didn't sound like fun and neither did asking for a site to site for a non-emergency; on her first day no less.

Rook Bartly looked up at the person intruding on her thoughts seeing Lt Marshal standing there above her. "Crap, you awake sooner then I expected." She sad with a dull voice.

"Hi, we haven't met yet, but I'm an annoying doctor too." She smiled in greeting, but the grin also held a hint of sarcasm. Rook's head swung around to her other shoulder to look at Resnik. "So you can see, we have you surrounded. I can certainly understand why you are here. You need answers, nobody is giving you any. Remember though, even though you've been out of it a while. We're Starfleet, we work together. Let these engineering guys work on this. Your job right now is to rest in sickbay. Don't make us be mean about it."

Surprised by a second speaker, Rook's head whipped around quickly to find Resnik standing over her. The fast movement hurt and she expected to find a security officer and Rook was not about to find herself being shot. Again. What she didn't expect was to find another medical officer. "Great, another doctor..." She took a deep breath. "Fine, you caught me." Rook held her hands up in a surrendering motion. "Seems like there isn't anything here anyway I can use." Rook stood up as Lt Marshal climbed down to the floor and she followed suit. "I swear, if you try to hit me with another damned hypo-spray, I am going to punch you in the face."

Lt Marshal grabbed her arm. "Look, Commander Bartly, I only did that for your protection. You need time to heal up and I know your not fully healed up so please don't try to run again. The Commander Merlin wanted to talk to you when you were able to move. Well certainly looks like you can move..."


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