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Hunting the Truth - Part 1

Posted on Mon Jun 15th, 2020 @ 5:59am by Lieutenant Commander Rook Bartly

Mission: When The Circus Comes To Town
Location: Cold Station: Theta
Timeline: 242006.14

Rook Bartly woke several times over the next several hours and was generally met with a hypo-spray as she continued to try to leave. Now, many hours had passed since Commander Merlin departed leaving her to these hypo-spray nut jobs. As she came took she kept her eyes closed and remained still. After hearing the now familiar voice of Lt Marshal, she slowly opened one eye seeing him sitting at a work station with his back to her. She listened carefully trying to figure out where everyone was located. After a moment she determined that the blasted Lieutenant was the only one in the immediate area. Rook swung her feet off the table and got to her feet as quietly as she could. He ribs felt like someone used them as a pinata but she pushed the pain to the side as she glanced around. Sitting on a small table near Rook was the hypo-spray that Marshal kept using on her. She picked it up and made her way behind Marshal. "Back at cha." she said in a loud voice. The young man turned around to see Rook standing behind him. Before he could say anything she shoved the hypo into his neck returning the favor of sedating him as he had been to her. She gently lowered him to the floor.

She quickly moved over to the replicated and ordered a change of clothes which materialized before her. She pulled on the pants and shirt. She sat on the floor to get her socks on and the boots. Finally dressed, she sat down at the work station he had been sitting at. On the small screen there was displayed her medical report. She read over it taking in as much information as she could. "I have cloned organs? What the f#$^ happened to me?" She said to her self. She quickly tapped on the console bringing up her records and watched the recording of her death. She breathed a sigh of relief seeing that no one else was seriously hurt other then Commodore Enor who lost his hand. The records show he was fine after the incident. Looks like the crew survived and they were able to repulse the Klingon attack. She tried to being up further records of the USS Warrior but hit a security block. Trying her security codes resulted in nothing. "Of course they would have removed my security clearance. I dead.... damnit..." Rook poured through records trying to get caught up on events since what ever happened to her on the Warrior. After a while she was sure that what Commander Merlin said was true. It *actually* has been 15 years since she was reported dead. 15 years since her last memory. Rook was a little fuzzy some some details but her last 10 years of her life was stored on her memory chip at least the important stuff. There was a lot of gaps in the information. Artificial memory storage had a limit to how much it could store. What bothered her was the last information recorded was of her death. The memory chip showed that it has been working for two years since then but there was nothing there. "I have to get to my fighter...." She pulled up a station map and was able to quickly identify the location of the fighter. "Crap, how big is this station."

Rook finally exited the med bay. She was confused. Nothing made sense. She died on the Warrior but was alive for two more years with cloned body parts, and got into a fight that led her to a time shift of 13 years. She needed more information. There has to be something at her fighter... As Rook left, she stopped to glance over at the sleeping form of Lt Marshal who was still laying on the med-bay's floor. "Seeya around." She quickly made her way to the turbo lift. The doors to the turbo lift closed with a 'shhhhif' sound. Rook Bartly leaned against the wall. She still wasn't feeling that she was 'recovered' at all but she needed answers and no dinglehopper of a doctor is going to tell her to stay put. "Docking bay...... 5" she said the lift. which started to hum with the sound of movement as it made its way toward the docking padd where the fighter she was found in was brought in. The lift seemed like it was taking the longest path it could to get to the docking ports but that was how all lifts seemed on space stations. She was too accustomed to being on star ships.

The doors finally slide open. Rook pushed her way into the hall and walked down the hall. She was having a hard time navigating the station. The layout of this part of the station was odd. She could tell that this station had gone though a tone of modifications over the years. Roaming the corridors for a while she finally discovered the door to docking bay 3. The door was a large dark gray three panel tri-door. She walked over and pressed the panel control triggering the door to slide open allowing her to enter. Once she stepped though the threshold, Rook could see the bay was filled with maintenance tech's working all over her once intact star fighter which was now in pieces on the hanger floor. Rook took a deep breath as she walked in. 'Crap, what the hell happened to you girl...' she thought as she walked up to the wreckage. One of the maintenance techs looked walked up to Rook handing her a data padd. "You must be from structural engineering. The chief wants the reactor core analyzed." The engineering uniform she had replicated seems to be working for her.

Rook smiled though her pain and shook her head. "Nope, I'm from data analysis. I need to gain access to the data recorder and pull the flight data."

The tech looked surprised. "I thought that someone had already tried that but couldn't get anything."

She shrugged. "Yeah... I was given detailed specs of the fighter that the chief recovered and I have a data link." She pointed her thumb at her self. "If there is anything in there I can find it!"

The maintenance tech waved his hand as he walked off. "Good luck then, that computer is trashed!"

Finally being left alone by the tech, Rook made her way to the cockpit. As she walked around she was giving the wreckage a good once over. The hull was a mess. Massive carbon scoring and holes covered her fighter. Some of the crews were working on removing parts of the hull to examine the damage and hardware. She climbed up the fuselage onto the side of the cockpit then into it. All of the internal control panels were trashed. She pried open a storage unit on the left side of the cockpit and received her data connection cable which to her surprise seemed to be in perfect shape. She plugged it into the data port on the back of her neck then to the connector port on pilot seat. "Good, looks like the computer is still functioning." She said to herself as she closed her eyes as she scanned the small craft's memory. "Wait what.... The navigation records are gone..." Rook changed her target and started to recall the fighters sensor logs which also came back blank. "What..." she continued her probe but every ounce of the data in the small fighters memory came up blank. The last record that was contained in the fighter's memory was the when Rook had docked it at Star Base 400: Versailles. She pulled the data connector. "This makes no sense. There isn't anything in the ships computer what so ever."

As Rook sat in the seat someone tapped her on her shoulder. Rook looked up and came eye to eye with Lt Marshal who was looking less then amused...


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